Yu-Gi-Oh: Shining Dragons – Building a Deck with my Sister

My younger sister Nora (24) is not as big a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, nor of any card game for that matter, so we play only very rarely. What she loves though is opening booster packs (for the surprise effect that comes along with that) and, to a lesser extent, building decks. The latter is what I love most in pretty much any Customizable Card Game.

So recently my sister and I decided to build a Yu-Gi-Oh deck together. This article is about the result of our little collaboration:

When I asked Nora if she had a general idea in mind for the deck we were about to build for her, it did not take her long until she came up with this: A Light/Dragon deck!

So we “ransacked” my huge trade-binder, scoured the lose cards I have lying around and cannibalized one seldomly used Ligth deck of mine and here’s the result of our cooperative deckbuilding efforts. I will show you the decklist first and then discuss the strategy and the many great interactions the finished deck features.

Shining Dragons Deck:


1 x Marshmallon

3 x Freed the Brave Wanderer

3 x Kaiser Seahorse

2 x Alexandrite Dragon

2 x Honest

1 x D.D. Warrior Lady

1 x Eclipse Wyvern

1 x Cyber Dragon

1 x Zaborg, the Thunder Monarch

2 x The Creator

2 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

1 x Fellgrant Dragon


2 x D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation

1 x Pot of Greed

1 x Graceful Charity

1 x Trade-In

1 x Change of Heart

1 x Snatch Steal

1 x Raigeki

1 x Lightning Vortex

1 x Swords of Revealing Light

1 x Harpy’s Feather Duster

1 x Stamping Destruction

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Premature Burial

1 x Foolish Burial


1 x Mirror Force

1 x Sakuretsu Armor

1 x Call of the Haunted

1 x Solemn Judgment

1 x Return from the Different Dimension


3 x  Number 39: Utopia

About the Deck:

First of all I have to mention that this is what I like calling a “Power Deck”, meaning it runs a set of very powerful one-of cards which I usually do not inlcude in any deck, such as Mirror Force, Raigeki and Harpie’s Feather Duster. I granted my sister however to run those in her new deck, so as to make up a bit for her lack in skills when it comes to playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Can’t blame her though – I just have a bit more experience when it comes to this game and CCGs in general.

So this deck is centered around Light Monsters and, to a lesser extent, on Dragons of that attribute and features some Light-support cards such as Kaiser Seahorse and the super-awesome Honest (of which I own a couple as Konami thankfully included them in the awesome Saga of Blue Eyes White Dragon Structure deck of which I grabbed a set of 3!) along with a selection of very powerful one-of Spells and Traps which are just genereally useful.

Let me go through our card choices for the Monsters and some notable Spells & Traps one-by-one:

Marshmallon looks cheesy as shit but is a great Monster to have, which possibly annoys the hell out of an unprepared opponent, as it cannot be destroyed by battle. Quite useful to stall if needed!

Freed the Brave Wanderer is an amazingly powerful card in an all-Light-Monster deck. His stats (just 1700 ATK) are not impressive but by banishing 2 Light Monsters from your Graveyard you get to destroy one Monster in play with a greater ATK than Freed’s. That is when a low base ATK comes in handy. You can get rid of the opponent’s most powerful or pesky Monsters with this amazing ability!

Kaiser Seahorse is probably THE central Monster / Light support card in this particular deck, as you can use it as 2 Tributes for summoning a Light Monster requiring two tributes. This means you can slam down your Blue-Eyes White Dragons or the Creator with just one Tribute. VERY handy!

Alexandrite Dragon is just a great beatstick at 2000 ATK with no Tributes required. Plus he is a Dragon which is cool!

Honest is maybe the most powerful Light Monster support card ever released and literally shines in this deck. You can discard it from hand when a Light Monster battles to give your Monster an ATK boost equal to the ATK of the other Monster it is fighting. This is just deadly and a great addition to the deck. You can alternatively use Honest which has a DEF of 1900 as a blocker if you only face weaker Monsters and return it to your hand in your Main Phase to discard it for its amazing effect later on.

D.D. Warrior Lady is just generally useful as you can remove her and the Monster battling with her from the game after damage was dealt.

Eclipse Wyvern lets you banish one Level 7 or higher Dragon Type Monster of the Light or Dark Attribute from your deck if it is put into the graveyard. If it is banished from there, you can add the banished card to your hand. You can banish a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and special summon it via D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation right away or wait until you banish Wyvern from the Graveyard by paying for Freed’s effect to have the previously banished dragon added to your hand.

Cyber Dragon is just another powerful Light Monster which can be special summoned from hand when you control no Monster and your opponent does.

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch is a great, one-tribute one-of Monster in this deck. If you tribute summon him, you get to destroy any one Monster in the game. Pretty powerful and he got a respectable ATK of 2400 to boot.

The Creator can be summoned by tributing Kaiser Seahorse and is a true “reanimation machine”. Once per turn you can discard a card to special summon any Monster from your Graveyard. The prime target would be Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon has just so much nostalgic value to us, my sister and myself, and I still regard him as a powerful card with an ATK of 3000. There are many ways to get him out easily, such as discarding him to the Creator (maybe special summoning the second copy of Ol’ Blue-Eyes) or send him to the Graveyard with Foolish Burial and then reanimate him with Monster Reborn or Premature Burial or just summon him by offering Kaiser Seahorse as a Tribute. There are also ways to banish the Dragon and have him special summoned with Different Dimension Reincarnation or even Return from the Different Dimension.

Fellgrant Dragon has to be summoned from your hand, but is a very powerful dragon as well once you manage to do that. As he is a Light Monster, Kaiser Seahorse can be used to get him out early and easily.

D. D. R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation lets you discard one card (which can be beneficial with the reanimation Spells and Traps in this deck) to Special Summon one of your banished Monsters. This deck has enough ways to get Monsters banished so this can be very useful!

Trade-In: Use your surplus Creators and Blue-Eyes White Dragons to draw 2 additional cards. Pretty good draw in this deck plus a high-power Monster goes to the graveyard through it where it may be of more use than in your hand!

Return from the Different Dimension is kinda in for possible overkills. If you managed to banish some of your Monsters to pay for Freed the Brave Wanderer’s destructive ability, you will have a lot of banished Monsters which will all be special summoned at once by paying half of your Life Points through this card. This will probably spell defeat for your opponent in many cases!


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