Elemental Clash: The Goblins of Evgeni Maloshenkov

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

Today I want to present you with a ton of eye-candy from the upcoming Legendary Legacy Expansion to the Elemental Clash Master Set.

My valued, ingenious artist Evgeni Maloshenkov from the Ukraine just today delivered the last two illustrations for the Goblin tribe/creature type in the LL set. Please have a look at the truly amazing artwork Evgeni created for the Goblin cards to be featured in the expansion and after the grizzly-scary eye-candy I will, as in pretty much all of my Elemental Clash articles, showcase a possible Goblin tribal deck. But look at the awesome Goblin art first:

Goblin Cadet Promo Small

Goblin Champion Promo small Grizz, Goblin Hero Promo Mars Caller Promo

So this has been established: The Goblins in Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy look horribly awesome. Now let us look at one of many possible Goblin Decks:

Goblin Ambush:


Umbriel, Tribal Avatar (45 cards)


3 x Goblin Cadet

3 x Spark Spirit

1 x Grizz, Goblin Hero

3 x Fanatic Goblin

3 x Goblin Arsonist

3 x Goblin Champion

3 x Mars-Caller


3 x Burning Thoughts

3 x Fiery Bolt

3 x Goblin Ambush

2 x Devastating Flames


3 x Salvager Stone

3 x Hastestone

9 x Mars-Stone

Thoughts on the Deck:

This deck is a so called “tribal deck”, meaning it focusses on one Creature type and support cards for that type. Hence, the choice of Spellcasters was pretty much obvious. The artwork for Umbriel, Tribal Avatar is not yet created but I can tell you what this new Spellcasters does: As long as Umbriel is in play face-up, Creatures of a type you chose at the beginning of the game cost 1 less Energy to summon and when you flip him, you can look at the top 5 cards of your Spellbook (deck) and put all Creatures of the chosen type into your hand. So at the beginning of the game, Umbriel makes sure you can get out a ton of Creatures, Goblins in the case of this Spellbook, cheaply and once you “run out of steam” (out of Creatures that is) he is capable of restocking your hand with additional beaters! What a great deal for any tribal deck.

So the main theme of this deck is Goblins, with a side-theme of Salvage card effects. As a reminder: A card with Salvage can be played for free when it would be discarded from your hand, either by your own effect or by opponent effects.

The Creatures in my Goblin Ambush Spellbook are all Goblins, with the exception of Spark Spirit, which is not a Goblin but has the Salvage ability which combos well with other cards included in the deck, about which I will be talking later on.

As for the Goblins themselves, let me go through them one-by-one:

Goblin Cadet: A 2 ATK / 1 DEF Goblin with the “drawback” of having to discard 1 card when it is played from hand. Combine this with Spark Spirit, Fiery Bolt or Salvager Stone, which all have the Salvage ability and you will turn Cadet’s drawback into an instant advantage.

Grizz, Goblin Hero: Just a 2 ATK / 2 DEF Creature with no additional abilities aside from being “Unique”. A great beater for just 1 Energy!

Fanatic Goblin:

This one can be summoned on turn 1 with Umbriel face-up, so you will get a 2 ATK / 2 DEF Quickattacker on your very first turn.

Goblin Arsonist:

The same goes for Goblin Arsonist. This one does not have Quickattacker but the very useful “Purge” ability, meaning that damage caused by the Arsonist does not lead to cards being sent from your opponent’s Spellbook to their Archive but rather to the Purgatory. This way, the dreaded “Boon” effects do not trigger, and your opponent will not be able to retrieve from their Archive what has been purged through Goblin Arsonist.

Goblin Champion:

This is your ace-Goblin so to say and forms the backbone of this Spellbook together with Mars-Caller. Not only does the Champion grant ALL your other Goblins an ATK and DEF boost of +1/+1, but also has your opponent discard a card whenever one of your other Goblins deals damage to them. The ATK and DEF enhancing would be quite powerful in and of itself but the added “disruption” is the icing on the cake. With Umbriel, you can have this powerful Goblin out by turn 2!


Mars-Caller is the other “power Goblin” in the deck as he allows you to refill your hand with up to 3 cards worth of Goblin backup! Caller’s Play-Effect lets you look at the top 3 cards of your Spellbook and take all Goblin Creatures drawn into your hand. Same as the Champion, you can have this one out as soon as turn 2 with Umbriel’s cost-reducing effect but he is very useful later on as well when you are about to “run out of steam” when it comes to Goblins war-fodder!

The Spells in this deck are a mixture of Salvage / Salvage enabler cards as well as “Goblin-Support”:

Burning Thoughts is probably the most powerful Fire Spell released to-date, as it lets you discard any 1 card to deal 1 damage to target Creature or Player. If the discarded card was a Fire card, you can double that damage and deal 2 instead! Combine that with either Spark Spirit or Fiery Bolt and you got 5 damage for the mere cost of discarding just one card from hand. Fiery Bolt is of general usefulness even though you are not able to play it for free through Burning Thoughts or Goblin Cadet, as it deals 3 damage to any Creature or Player for just 2 Fire Energy. Goblin Ambush is perfect to apply some additional pressure to your oppponent, as it gives all of your Goblin army +2 ATK for one turn. Lastly, Devastating Flames is a great way to get multiple blockers out of the way, as it allows you to distribute 5 damage among any number of Creatures and/or Players. That will take care of your opponent’s defensive forces and let your Goblins attack unhindered. And the best part: You can even play Devastating Flames without paying for its cost by just purging it and another Fire-card from your hand.

The Element-Stones consist of 9 regular Mars-Stones (producing Fire-Energy) as well as 3 Salvagers Stones, which can be played for free if discarded (to Goblin Cadet or Burning Thoughts for example) and 3 Hastestones which give pretty much all of your Creatures the Quickattacker abilities, which spells “Goblins on Steroids” in this deck, as you will be able to attack with any of your Goblins played to the Element-Stone-Stack with a Hastestone in it right the turn you played them.

In conclusion I think this dedicated Goblin-Tribal Spellbook is searing hot and will confront your opponent with an exploding Goblin infestation that needs to be reckoned with. Umbriel’s cost reducing capabilities combined with the universal power boost from Goblin Champion and the hand restocking powers of Mars-Caller will enable you to bring out a lot of Goblins, and that very fast, maybe too fast for your opponent to get up their defenses and strike back…


Next up: A new Spellcaster and more about Dragons!

Stay tuned!




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