More Pokemon Prehistoric Sprites

Hi everyone!

I kinda took a liking to making sprites for my Pokemon Rom Hacking project “Pokemon Prehistoric”, as it is both fun and challenging to make the best out of 64 x 64 pixels! So here are the latest, new sprites I made:

Ducky Evolutions Sprites

Ducky, Duckster and Paraduck are based on the duck-billed kind of dinosaurs, such as Anatosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

Trilobyte Evolution Sprites

These three are based on the prehistoric Trilobites, which were small, crustacean-like sea creatures. Of course they did not evolve into cocoons and then into some awesome Trilomight sea monster, but give me some artistic freedom here! 🙂

Aerodactly Evolution Sprites

These three are evolution forms of the “official” Aerodactyl Pokemon. You see, from left to right, an electro- a water- and a fire-version of the well known prehistoric Pokemon as seen in the first Pokemon games and beyond. My idea is that in Pokemon Prehistoric you will be able to evolve Aerodactyl into different forms by giving it special stones, similar to what you can do with Eevee in the official games! Aerodarktyl (dark), Viridactyl (plant) and possibly some more  evolutions will follow!

And here a few odd ones:

Ammoknight Sprite Elektrex SpriteDarkrex Sprite

Well I hope you like the latest Pokemon Prehistoric Sprites I made. I will surely post many more in the future! 😀


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