M:tG: Three Magic Decks I built on Christmas Day…

Dear readers!

Santa bestowed me with a great, great gift: Nothing less than a booster box of the Modern Masters Special Edition! This inspired me to revisit my all-time-favorite CCG Magic: the Gathering after having immersed myself fully in its competitor on the CCG market, Yu-Gi-Oh! So here are three decks which I built just this Christmas Day morning (Please note that all of the following decks are intended for casual play and were built more or less on a budget!):

Black-Green Beatdown:


4 x Elvish Mystic (G)

4 x Elves of Deep Shadow (G)

4 x Putrid Leech (GB)

4 x Strangleroot Geist (GG)

4 x Dreg Mangler (1GB)

4 x Shambling Shell (1GB)

4 x Creakwood Liege (1 G/B G/B G/B)


4 x Putrify (1GB)


4 x Sign in Blood (BB)


4 x Rancor (G)


4 x Llanowar Wastes

1 x Svogthos the Restless Tomb

9 x Forest

6 x Swamp

About the Deck:

This deck unites some of the more powerful commons and uncommons from both of its colors, black and green, such as quality Creatures like Strangleroot Geist and Putrid Leech or great removal like Putrify. The deck includes only 8 rare cards; four copies of Llanowar Wastes and four copies of Creakwood Liege and can thus be called a “budget deck”. Let me highlight some of the cards I run in this deck, which has tremendous staying power with respawning Creatures such as Shambling Shell and Strangleroot Geist and things that can be used from the graveyard such as Dreg Mangler. Notably, there are some Creatures with Haste, the aforementioned Strangleroot Geist and Dreg Mangler, which is a highly unusual ability for black and green Creatures. Let me hightlight some of the cards I included in this deck:

Elvish Mystic and Elves of Deep Shadow give you some mana acceleration early on, so you can play a turn 2 Dreg Mangler of Shambling Shell. Putrid Leech can be boosted to be a 4/4 for only 2 mana at the mere cost of paying 2 life. Shambling Shell gives a Creature a +1/+1 Counter when destroyed or sacrificed and has the Dredge Ability, which you may or may not use to retrieve it from your graveyard. Strangleroot Geist is a Hasty 2/1 which respawns as a 3/2 when sent to the graveyard for the first time, while Dreg Mangler has good stats and can be useful during mid-/late-game as you can banish it from your graveyard, pay 5 mana and place three +1/+1 counters on any of your creatures. Creakwood Liege gives all you black Creatures +1/+1 and all your green Creatures +1/+1 as well and spawns a 1/1 Worm each turn, which will be a 3/3. Liege will turn your Dreg Manglers, Shambling Shells and Putrid Leeches into huge beaters, as they will get +2/+2 as they are both black and green. Rancor adds additional beating power and Sign in Blood draws you 2 new cards, while Putrefy is a highly efficient pinpoint removal card.

Three Color Max Attax:


4 x Kiln Fiend (1R)

4 x Wee Dragonauts (1RU)

3 x Gelectrode (1RU)

Instants & Sorceries…23

4 x Brainstorm (U)

4 x Ponder (U)

4 x Giant Growth (G)

4 x Mutagenic Growth (G)

4 x Lightning Bolt (R)

4 x Reckless Charge (R)

3 x Brute Force (R)


2 x Terramorphic Expanse

7 x Mountain

7 x Island

6 x Forest

About the Deck:

This is a fun and potentially very explosive three color deck (red, blue, green) consisting of very few Creatues, but a ton of cheap and efficient Instants and Sorceries. The plan is to get out Kiln Fiend, Gelectrode or, best of all, Wee Dragonauts out and start inflicting major damage to your opponent with those. All of the Creatures in this deck grow or have a special ability that triggers whenever you play an Instant or a Sorcery. In a perfect game, you’d attack with Wee Dragonauts and play a bunch of your cheap but powerful Instants and or Sorceries to inflict major damage with the Flying Dragonauts. For example if you just play a Giant Growth, targeting Dragonauts, the “Wee-Ones” will attack as a 6/3, hard-to-block Flyer. Kiln Fiend even gets +3 ATK whenever you play an Instant or Sorcery and Gelectrode can be tapped to inflict 1 damage to any Creature or Player and untaps each time you play an Instant or Sorcery. It is best used to take out pesky opponent blockers or, if there aren’t any, to inflict some hard-to-prevent direct damage to your opponent.

Some notable cards: Brainstorm and Ponder draw you some cards while boosting your Creatures. Mutagenic Growth can be cast for free by paying 2 life, gives your Dragonauts +2 ATK and an additional +2/+2, making it a 5/3 Flyer. Reckless Charge is exceptionally useful as it gives a +3/+0 boost and Haste and can be played again for another stats boost via Flashback.



4 x Ornithopter (0)

4 x Myr Servitor (1)

4 x Atog (1R)

4 x Salvage Slasher (1B)

3 x Megatog (4RR)

Instants & Sorceries…12

4 x Shrapnel Blast (1R)

4 x Fling (1R)

4 x Seething Song (2R)


3 x Executioner’s Capsule (B)

4 x Lightning Greaves (2)

4 x Cranial Plating (2)


4 x Darksteel Citadel

4 x Great Furnace

4 x Vault of Whispers

2 x Swamp

8 x Mountain

About the Deck:

This Deck is all about flinging huge (Meg-) Atogs at your opponent, quite literally. The deck runs lots of artifacts and creatures that will grow huge by sacrificing said artifacts, like Atog and his big brother Megatog, or Creatures that grow larger with an increasing number of artifacts in your graveyard, namely Salvage Slasher.

The main plan is to get out Atog, or, even better, the Trampling Megatog and sack a bunch of artifacts to attack for huge amounts of damage, then sacrificing the monstrous ‘Tog for Fling, dealing an amount of direct damage to your opponent equal to the sacrificed creature’s power.

Here some cards of interest:

Ornithopter is a free to summon 0/2 Flyer, who can be good fodder for your Atogs or attack for some major damage if equipped by Cranial Plating. The latter gives its wielder +1 power for each artifact you control. With half of your deck being artifacts, that should be quite a formidable boost most of the times. Salvage Slasher on the other hand profits from destroyed artifacts, gaining +1 power for each artifact to be found in your graveyard. That means every artifact your Atogs and Megatogs will munch, will increase Slasher’s power. Myr Servitor can be very handy if available in multiples, as, as long as you have one in play, it will reassemble all its fallen breathren, to serve as Atog-food once again. Shrapnel Blast can be handy in pushing through the last few points of damage needed for the win, as it inflicts a tremendous 5 damage to any target with the additional cost of sacrificing an artifact, which you got aplenty anyways. Seething Song just serves as mana-ramp to get out Megatog earlier and Lightning Greaves not only protects your important Megatog, but also gives him Haste so he can swing in for some major damage on turn earlier. I am also running 12 Artifact Lands to have even more food for the hungry, hungry ‘Togs!


Elemental Clash: Queen of Dragons

Dear readers and friends of Elemental Clash!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to an all-new, exciting Spellcaster to be released with the upcoming expansion set

Legendary Legacy Logo

and this time, it is a lady-Spellcaster, yet one far from being a fair lady!

I just love Dragons, in any game or also in art, literature, film and so on so I am pretty excited about this Spellcaster, as she was especially made with the Dragon Creature-type in mind. So bow your heads and meet

Draconia the Dragon Queen

Draconia the Dragon Queen

Draconia sure makes the Dragon deck type a whole lot more powerful as she gives all of your Dragons a +1 ATK boost AND the Quickattacker ability, which will let them attack when in your Element-Stone-Zone, so the very turn they come into play. When you flip her it gets even worse for your opponent. Whilst giving up the static ability’s benefits, you can flip Draconia to put any one Dragon Creature from your Spellbook (deck) right into your ATK-Zone. You could possibly do this on turn 1 to have an instant advantage over your opponent, but you would forgo the static abiliy’s benefits, which are considerable as well. However, Draconia has her downside as well. While many Spellcasters let you draw more cards than normal and/or grant you a larger starting hand, the Dragon Queen gives you a standard hand of 7 cards and standard draw of 1 card per turn and allows only for a 35 card Spellbook (deck – 40 is the normal Spellbook size in Elemental Clash).

So this Dragon-lady Spellcaster begs for a Dragon deck being built around her. Here’s what I have come up with:

Queen of Dragons:

Spellcaster: Draconia the Dragon Queen (35 cards)


3 x Dwarf Miner

1 x The Paradox Weaver

2 x Lightning Dragon

2 x Fire Dragon

1 x Sea Dragon

1 x Bargost Thundertail

1 x Ascarius, Lord of Storms

1 x Grimlock the Cruel

1 x Finborg, Sire of the Seas


3 x Stonelore

3 x Royal Revival

3 x Necromancy

2 x Bookmark


3 x Magmastone

2 x Peakstone

2 x Islandstone

2 x Demonic Stone

1 x Rainbow Stone

2 x Mars-Stone

The Strategy:

So this is my approach of a Draconia Dragons Deck. It features all 4 Elements and tons of ways to get any of your dragons, the one you need most at any given time during a game, into your hand or directly into play. To get the dragons out fast and to have the right Element-Stones you need in play, the deck runs Dwarf Miner and Stonelore. Both search for any one Element-Stone, also non-basic ones. Dwarf Miner puts one in your hand as its Play-Effect (which triggers when it enters play) and Stonelore puts it in play right away and has the great “Boon” ability to top it off! Good targets for those two would be Demonic Stone, which produces 2 Energy instead of 1 (Neutral Energy that is), or your “Unique” Rainbow Stone, which produces 1 Energy of ANY Element.

The deck features a multitude of dragons, which will all have +1 ATK and Quickattacker, which will allow them to attack the very turn they enter play due to Draconia’s terrific Static Ability. Most notably, the four Dragon Lords make an appearence in the deck. All of them are highly powerful but have the “Unique” status/keyword which limits them to one copy per deck. Fear not however, as there are plenty of ways to “fetch” them from your deck! But first I want to show you the dragon lords in the form of their cards, brilliantly illustrated by Alonzo Emata of the Philippines:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there are many ways to get just the dragon you want and need in any situation:

Draconia herself can be flipped to get any one Dragon from your deck into your ATK-Zone right away, ready to strike so to say. Then there is Bookmark, a Spell that lets you take any one card from your deck into your hand. Lastly, there are some powerful reanimation Spells in the deck, such as Royal Revival, which costs just 1 Earth Energy and can summon any 1 Unique Creature from ANY Archive (discard pile), also from your opponents’. In Elemental Clash, lots of cards will be sent to your Archive over the course of the game naturally, as in this game, every point of damage a player takes results in sending the topmost card from their deck to their discard. This means you will have plenty of targets for your reanimation Spells sooner or later. I like to call that an “Archive/Discard Pile Toolbox” as you will be able to pick and choose to revive the dragon you need most at any given time.

Actually, I am glad that my good friend and “partner in crime” (game design that is) makes a cameo in this deck. Meet the Paradox Weaver, also known as Rob Seater, in the form of a card he designed for Elemental Clash and which bears his likeness:

The Paradox Weaver

Rob, I mean the Paradox Weaver will allow me to switch the type of Energy my Element-Stone-Stack produce freely. By the original rules, the bottommost Stone in a Stack determines the type of Energy the whole Stack produces. The Paradox Weaver turns that upside down so the topmost, the one played last, will determine the type of Energy. Plus he draws me a card when played, which is a nice side-effect!

Well I hope you enjoyed this litte preview / deck article! Drop by every now and then for more strategy articles and Legendary Legacy previews!

Game on!



Yu-Gi-Oh: Building a Fairy Deck for my Sister & Update on “Pot of Destruction”

This Yu-Gi-Oh article will be about two things:

Firstly I am going to showcase a Fairies Deck which I built for and upon request by my younger sister Nora. I was surprised how many great Fairy-type Monsters and how many awesome Fairy support cards there are! You will see. Secondly I am going to discuss the out of the ordinary, Pot of Greed theme/fun deck I built and how I have changed it after some initial testing! So let’s have at it:

Building a Fairy Deck for my Sister:

My sister Nora’s favorite attribute in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG is without a doubt Light. So when I asked her recently what kind of deck she wanted me to build for her if she was to choose, she just said “How about a Fairy Deck?”. Sure, why not, said I and so I set out to research a bit on the Internet. At first I had some prejudice towards the Light Fairy Monster type and wondered what Fairies could be good for, even thinking of Fairies as a Deck for sissies! šŸ™‚ I could not have been more wrong as it became evident after just some brief inspeciton on what the Fairy type has to offer. What I found were some very powerful Fairy-type Monsters in conjunction with amazing support Spells. I would like to show you the first draft of my Fairy Deck recipe and then go through the cards one-by-one, as I think each and everyone of the cards I included are worth a closer look as they all got a lot going for them! So here comes…

Fairies of Valhalla Version 1.0


1 x Marshmallon

3 x Nova Summoner

2 x Zeradias, Herald of Heaven

2 x Hecatrice

2 x Honest

3 x Airknight Parshath

3 x Thetys, Goddess of Light

2 x Athena

1 x Guardian of Order

1 x Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin


3 x The Sanctuary in the Sky

3 x Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen

3 x Cestus of Dagla

3 x Celestial Transformation

2 x Book of Moon

1 x Dark Hole

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Trade-In


1 x Torrential Tribute

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Beckoning Light

About the Card Choices:

Marshmallon looks as stupid as it gets but can be an awesome defender, as it cannot be destroyed by battle. Furthermore, when it is attacked and flipped face up, it inflicts 1000 damage to your opponent. We have one Marshmallon in the deck but the little blob can be special summoned from the deck via Nova Summoner, which would be a good target indeed.

Nova Summoner special summons any 1500 ATK or less, Fairy-type Monster from your deck when destroyed be battle. When Sanctuary in the Sky is on the field, you can instead special summon an Airknight Parshath from your deck, which would be a good idea.

Zeradias, Herald of Heaven can be discarded to get a copy of The Sanctuary in the Sky from your deck and

Hecatrice can be used in a similar way to search for Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen, which I consider the key-Spell in this deck.

Honest is probably the most versatile and powerful Fairy, which can be discarded from your hand as a bad surprise for your opponent, as it gives an ATK boost to any Light Monster equal to the ATK of the Monster it battles against. A very powerful card not only in a Fairy Deck but in pretty much any deck running a considerable number of Light Monsters.

Airknight ParshathĀ has lackluster stats for a one-Tribute Monster at a measly ATK of 1900 BUT has two awesome abilities. Firstly, it inflicts piercing battle damage when attacking a defense position Monster and secondly, when it deals damage to an opponent, you get to draw a card. What a convenient combination of effects! Furthermore, this can be special summoned from the deck via Nova Summoner, provided Sanctuary in the Sky is active AND can be special summoned from hand via Valhalla AND can be upgraded to its more powerful counterpart Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin.

Thetys the Goddess of Light is probably my favorite Monster in the Deck, as I love drawing cards, and this one will draw you a new card whenever you draw and reveal a Fairy-type Monster. With 20 out of 40 cards being Fairy-Monsters this means you will have a 50% chance of drawing another card whenever you draw. So Thetys is an awesome draw engine in any Fairy Deck and the impressive 2400 ATK are just the icing on the cake! A worthwile target for special summoning with Valhalla, so you can skip the Tribute required when normal summoning the Goddess of Light.

Athena is another powerful Fairy which lets you exchange any Fairy in play with one from your graveyard. Just swap a uselsess non-Tribute Fairy to special summon Ā a huge one from your Graveyard.

Guardian of Order is an amazing one-of in the deck which boasts and ATK of 2500 and can be special summoned “for free” so to say when you have at least two Light Monsters on the field. You should be able to meet these requirements easily with this deck.

Neo-Parshath, the Sky PaladinĀ is the upgraded version of Airknight Parshath and probably the most powerful Monster in the deck when Ā it comes to potential ATK-power. Firstly he has the same abilities as Airknight: The piercing battle damage when attacking a defense-position Monster and the card drawing whenever it deals battle damage to a player. Secondly, when you have The Sanctuary in the Sky in play and if you have more Life Points than your opponent, Neo-Parshath gets an ATK-bonus equal to the difference in LP.

The Sanctuary in the SkyĀ is a Field Spell that prevents any damage you would take from battles involving Fairy-type Monsters.

Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen is probably THE centerpiece of the deck, the card that makes this deck shine so to say. Get it out ASAP (if you don’t have it in hand, discard Hecatrice to fetch it from the deck) and you will be able to special summon ANY Fairy-type Monster from your hand in case you don’t have any Monsters. That’s right, you can special summon ANY Fairy from hand, including Neo-Parshat and other high-level/high-power Monsters. Combine that with universal Monster destruction like Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute and you’ll surely have the upper hand on the field and over your opponent.

Cestus of Dagla is a nice little Equip-Spell giving a somewhat decent 500 ATK bonus to the equipped Monster. Furthermore, when the Monster Cestus equips deals damage to your opponent, you gain that much life. Pretty nice!

Celestial TransformationĀ is another way to special summon Fairies from hand. Combine this with Book of Moon and the Monster you special summoned will not be destroyed at end of turn as specified by Celestial Transformation, so you can keep the Monster for later use. Also, since Celestial Transformation is a Quick Spell, you can use it to get an instant defender out during your opponent’s turn if need be.

Book of Moon is a card of general usefulness which combos well with Celestial Transformation as mentioned above.

Dark Hole and Monster Reborn go well with any deck, so we decided to include them in this one as well.

Trade-in is nice card draw when you have a Lv 8 Monster to spare (in your hand). Discard a big-one with Trade-in and reanimate it later with Athena’s effect.

Beckoning Light can refill your hand with Light Monsters from your Graveyard and Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute made the cut for general usefulness as well.


OK that is our current Fairies Deck. Overall I must say this is indeed something I would be playing and not at all a “deck for sissies”!

Let’s move on to the second part of this deck article, in which I am going to share some of my “after-play” thoughts on the Pot of Greed fun/theme deck I have come up with recently:

About “Smoking Pot”:

Well first of all: Don’t. Just stay off the drugs and do Yu-Gi-Oh instead!

Joking aside, I recently posted a deck list for what was supposed to be a fun/thematic deck centered around massive card draw in general and my all-time favorite card, Pot of Greed, in particular.

After having played the “Pot of Destruction” Deck, which combines major card draw / card advantage with tons of (pinpoint) monster removal, I realized a few things and applied some changes to my initial deck list.

First of all, I realized that the “win-condition”, while being a great, great card, in the right deck, was just too complicated to set up in this deck and the setting up took up way too many card slots. I am talking about Dark Armed Dragon. The guy is amazing at 2800 ATK and the awesome ability to banish any 1 card in play for the mere cost of banishing one of your Dark Monster in the Graveyard. Yet I had to run 3 Giant Germs and 3 Mystic Tomatos in order to get enough Dark Monsters into my graveyard and even then the special summoning condition of having EXACTLY 3 Dark Monsters in the graveyard was hard to meet.

As an alternative to Dark Armed Dragon, I included exactly 2 Monsters. That is right, I intend to win with this deck just with two “killer monsters”. The first is Chaos Sorcerer, which is 2300 ATK and can banish one face-up Monster per turn instead of attacking. The second, the true “killer” is Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, which has an impressive 3000 ATK and two amazing effects of which you can choose one per turn. Either banish any opponent Monster or attack a second time in a row if he destroyed a Monster in battle this turn. Both Sorcerer and Soldier have the same special summoning requirement: Banish 1 Light and 1 Dark Monster from your Graveyard. Admittedly, this seems hard to accomplish in a deck with only 5 Light Monsters (Black Luster Soldier included) and 4 Dark Monsters (Chaos Sorcerer included) but in a deck with this “control” approach, it is actually not too hard to pull off, as you got plenty of time to set it up, considering all the Monster removal packed in the deck.

Another thing I realized after a few initial plays was this: The deck misses some Traps. Running tripple Fissure, tripple Smashing Ground and tripple Shield Crush is more than enough to deal with most of your opponent’s Monsters. The only problem with that strategy is that none of these are Quickplay Spells, hence they cannot be played on your opponent’s turn. What happened to me was simply that the opponent dropped a Monster on their turn and attacked right away, thus constantly inflicting some damage before I could take down their Monster with aforementioned pinpoint removal Spells. The simple solution to this shortcoming is adding in some (destructive) Traps. Two Raigeki-Breaks (as I have ample cards to discard for its cost) and one Mirror Force made the cut. Plus I added one Mask of Darkness to retrieve any key Trap such as Mirror Force). I would have liked to add 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blasts as they are awesome for interfering with your opponent’s plans but didn’t know what to take out in favor of those…

What worked and worked extremely well and indeed as intended by me was the massive card draw combined with the Monster removal. Gold Sarcophagus fetched Pot of Greed very soon and reliably, Avatar of the Pot was amazing to draw 3 (!) cards and A Feather of the Phoenix retrieved Pot to do it again. Jar Turtle worked wonders, turning every Jar into a Pot so to say and is an awesome defender at 2100 DEF to top it off. Also, the more Turtles the merrier and it was indeed not too uncommon to have two Jar Turtles out, which meant one Jar of Greed drew me 3 (!) cards at once. Man I love that turtle. How often do you see someone draw 3 cards with one card effect in Yu-Gi-Oh?? I removed one Shard of Greed though in favor of the Pot with the little Hitler-moustache: Pot of Avarice. This one is great during mid-late game as it returns 5 of your destroyed Monsters to your deck, which is awesome AND draws you 2 cards, which is double awesome… With all the potent card draw in the deck I was able to draw most of my deck – before losing – most of the times.

One word of advice though: Never use A Feather of the Phoenix when you want to activate Gold Sarcophagus. Yeah, it is obvious: Feather returns a card from your Graveyard to the top of your deck and Sarcophagus makes you shuffle your deck. Still I did that one time and “lost” the Pot of Ā Greed I placed on top of my deck in that way… šŸ˜¦

Overall I must say that I am pretty happy with the way the deck plays out – for a fun deck. Again, this is not aiming to be competitive in any way! šŸ™‚

So here is the revised deck list for “Pot of Destruction”:

Pot of Destruction V 1.1.:


1 x Magician of Faith

1 x Mask of Darkness

1 x Sangan

3 x Avatar of the Pot

3 x Royal Magic Library

3 x Jar Turtle

1 x Breaker, the Magical Warrior

1 x Chaos Sorcerer

1 x Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning


1 x Pot of Greed

3 x Gold Sarcophagus

3 x A Feather of the Phoenix

3 x Fissure

3 x Smashing Ground

3 x Shield Crush

1 x Lightning Vortex

1 x Shard of Greed

1 x Pot of Avarice


3 x Jar of Greed

2 x Raigeki Break

1 x Mirror Force

Yu-Gi-Oh: Revisiting the Undead – Zombie Decks

I have been enjoying playing my Zombie Deck quite a bit and it is probably my valued neighbour Luki’s favorite deck besides the awesome Wetlands deck which I talked about on here recently. While the strongest Monster in the deck is Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon with “only” 2400 ATK, the deck has great reanimation capabilities and many nifty tricks up its sleeve so it convinces in its performance as is. Still I wanted to change it a bit and try something crazy as well. In this article I will talk about what I plan doing with my Zombie Deck. Before I will come to the changes I want to make, I would like to present you with my current decklist:

Basic Zombies:


3 x Pyramid Turtle

3 x Paladin of the Cursed Dragon

3 x Zombie Master

3 x Mezuki 3 x Goblin Zombie

3 x Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon

1 x Breaker, the Magical Warrior

1 x Magician of Faith


3 x Pyramid of Wonders

3 x Book of Life

2 x Call of the Mummy

2 x Zombie World

2 x Ā Terraforming

1 x Pot of Greed

1 x Graceful Charity

1 x Dark Hole

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Change of Heart

1 x Snatch Steal


1 x Torrential Tribute

1 x Solemn Judgment

1 x Mirror Force

About the Deck:

This is a very basic Zombie Deck devoid of any Synchro- or XYZ-shenannigans. It performs greatly as is, but to keep it fresh and out of the desire to do some Synchro-Summoning, I am about to change the deck slightly. Furthermore, you will have noticed that this deck list features a couple of what I like to call “power cards”, which are not very thematic and instead just very useful/powerful overall. In this deck these are cards like Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, Change of Heart, Mirrorforce to mention a few. Those can be played in pretty much any deck as they are just of tremendous general use and of a high power level. However I am leaning more and more towards running ostensibly “weaker” but more thematic cards in any of my Yu Gi Oh decks so I want to remove those power cards in my Zombie Deck as well and replace them with more creative cards.

So here’s what I am taking out of the deck listed above:

-1 Magician of Faith

-1 Pot of Greed

-1 Graceful Charity

-1 Change of Heart

-1 Snatch Steal

-1 Mirror Force

And the following will be added to replace the notorious “power cards”:

+1 Plaguespreader Zombie

+1 Foolish Burial

+1 Zombie World

+1 Terraforming

+1 D. D. R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation

+1 Monster Reincarnation

That’s about it! Only 6 cards swapped but the deck changes greatly! I will simply call the new deck…


By adding one measly Tuner Monster, Plaguespreader Zombie, I have single-handedly turned my old Zombie Deck into a full-fledged Zombie Synchro Deck. Here is the new main man of the show/deck:

It is curious that I haven’t realized this ealier, but due to their reanimation capabilities (Zombies are good at being special summoned from the graveyard), Zombies are excellent for Synchro Summoning. By adding the awesome Lv. 2 Zombie Tuner Plaguespreader Zombie to this deck, I instantly turned it into a very potent Synchro-Zombie Deck. You can send Plaguespreader to the Graveyard with Foolish Burial to special summon it for some Synchro-Action right away. Your many Zombie reanimation cards such as Mezuki, Zombie Master and Book of Life can bring it back without having it banished when it leaves play and Goblin Zombie and Pyramid Turtle can fetch it from your deck if need be. Then there are the actual Synchro Monsters.

There are some quite awesome ones that require Plaguespreader Zombie as the Tuner Monster.

Here they are:

Zombieskull, having a powerful effect in and of itself, makes for a great combo with Dark Hole and Torrential Tribute, as all your Zombies will survive whilst your opponent’s army is whiped out entirely. Plus an ATK of 2500 is nothing to sneeze at either.

Doomkaiser Dragon is awesome with Zombie World, as you can basically overtake any fallen opponent Monster. This is among the reasons why I added a third copy of both Zombie World and Terraforming to this deck.

Whilst pondering on Zombies and their playing style I happened to have a nice idea: So it has been established already that Zombies are great at special summoning from the Graveyard. Furthermore, there are some great cards that require Light and Dark Monsters to be in your Graveyard as their summoning condition. Lastly, the Lightsworn Monsters are great at sending stuff to your Graveyard. So I thought, why not come up with a Light & Dark Deck which combines two awesome deck types – Zombies and Lightsworns – to get the best out of the two deck archetypes in one deck.

Here is what I came up with:

Gravesworn / Zombiesworn:



3 x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

1 x Jain, Lightsworn Paladin

1 x Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner

1 x Ehren, Lightsworn Monk

1 x Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid

1 x Celestia, Lightsworn Angel

1 x Judgment Dragon


1 x Plaguespreader Zombie

3 x Pyramid Turtle

3 x Mezuki

2 x Zombie Master

1 x Paladin of the Cursed Dragon

1 x Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon


1Ā x Necro Gardna

2 x Chaos Sorcerer

1 x Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning


3 x Book of Life

3 x Zombie World

2 x Terraforming

1 x Pot of Greed

1 x Foolish Burial

1 x Magical Stone Excavation

1 x Monster Reincarnation

1 x Card of Safe Return

1 x Charge of the Light Brigade

1 x Dark Hole


1 x Torrential Tribute


3 x Archfiend Zombieskull

3 x Doomkaiser Dragon

About the Deck:

What I am trying to achieve with this deck is to unify the best aspects of two powerful deck archetypes: Lihtsworns and Zombies. The deck runs 8 Lightsworn, or Lightsworn-related Monsters, 11 Zombies and 5 other Monsters, 3 of which are very powerful and can be special summoned with Light and Dark Monsters in the Graveyard. With your Lightsworn Monsters you will be able to discard lots of cards from Deck to Graveyard while your Zombies will be reanimated from there. Your trump-Monsters Chaos Sorcerer and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning can be special summoned with Light and Dark Monsters in the Graveyard.

I would like to go through my card choices one-by-one:

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter sends cards from Deck to Graveyard while being versatile removal as he destroys ANY 1 card on the field when flipped.

Jain, Lightsworn Paladin is a good attacker who has 2100 ATK whilst attacking.

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner special summons Lightsworns from your Graveyard.

Ehren, Lightsworn Monk and Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid have interesting effects and are additional ways to get cards into your Graveyard.

Celestia, Lightsworn Angel lets you destroy any 2 cards on the field, regardless of their type or position whilst being a good attacker at 2300 ATK.

Judgment Dragon is the ace-Lightsworn card in this deck. With a total of 8 Lightsworn Monsters, 5 different ones you should be able to summon Judgment Dragon every other game or so. He is not required for winning in this deck but it is nice to get him out and destroy all cards in play through his effect.

Plaguespreader Zombie makes a lot of powerful Synchro Summons, such as the aforementioned Archfiend Zombie Skull or Doomkaiser Dragon, possible and can either be fetched with Foolish Burial or you wait until he is sent from the deck to the Graveyard through your Lightsworns.

Pyramid Turtle fetches pretty much any Zombie. Good targets would be Plaguespreader or Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon for an instant beatstick with 2400 ATK and an awesome effect (once Zombie World is out).

Mezuki revives any Zombie or, when Zombie World, no doubt the key-Spell in this deck, is already out, any Monster from your Graveyard. Very handy indeed!

Zombie Master does a similar thing, letting you discard one card from hand (preferably a Lightsworn, so you can Special Summon Judgment Dragon maybe…) to special Summon a Lv. 4 or lower Zombie from ANY graveyard. Again this is awesome with Zombie World.

Paladin of the Cursed DragonĀ can be quite powerful as well with Zombie World and has a decent ATK of 1900 for a non-Tribute Monster.

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon is great at 2400 ATK, can be Special Summoned via Pyramid Turtle and has the awesome effect to overtake any opponent Zombie-type Monsters it destroyed in battle. Team up with Zombie World and your opponent is in trouble!

Necro Gardna is neither Zombie nor Lightsworn but is very useful when in your Graveyard as he can be banished from there to prevent any one attack from an opponent Monster. I WANT to make room for a second copy. Maybe Paladin of the Cursed Dragon has to go…

Chaos Sorcerer has great stats and can be Special Summoned from your hand if you remove a Light and a Dark Monster from your Graveyard. Furthermore you can, once per turn, destroy an opponent card instead of attacking with Sorcerer. The summoning requirement will be met easily and early on in a deck with many ways to send cards to the graveyard.

Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning is a real killer in this deck. Let’s have a look at him:

So he can be Special Summoned by banishing one Light and one Dark Monster from your Graveyard – a requirement easily met in this particular deck, has an outstanding 3000 ATK and two amazing, destructive abilities. A perfect fit for this deck! Lucky I found one in a booster only recently! šŸ˜‰ Book of Life reanimates any Zombie, or any Monster under Zombie World, while removing an opponent Monster from their graveyard. Very useful!

Zombie World is THE central Spell in this deck which makes the deck twice as good as it would be without it. This is why I run 3 copies as well as 3 copies of Terraforming, to make sure I get it and get it soon! Zombie World, which just turns every Monster in play and in the graveyards, both yours and your opponent’s into Zombies, does so many things in this deck. With it, you can reanimate any of your Monsters, including those who aren’t normally Zombies, such as your Lightsworns, with Zombie Master, Mezuki or Book of Life and with it, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon will let you overtake any opponent Monster it destroys in battle, to mention only a few of the great interactions.

Pot of Greed is just in because it is my favorite card…. yeah, that is a bad reason to include any card… :p

Foolish BurialĀ has so many uses in this deck. Use it to get the last Lightsworn into your Graveyard needed to Special Summon Judgment Dragon, send Plaguespreader Zombie to the Graveyard to set up some great Synchro Summons or send a Zombie of your choice to the Graveyard to make it a target for the many reanimation effects featured in this deck. A very versatile card overall in this particular build.

Magical Stone ExcavationĀ andĀ Monster Reincarnation make for amazing Graveyard toolboxes in a deck with many cards that send cards to the Graveyard. I mentioned it time and time again in previous articles, but I just LOVE toolboxes. Use Magical Stone Excavation to retrieve any key Spell such as Dark Hole or Pot of Greed or whatever you need most at the time you play it. Monster Reincarnation is the same for Monsters. Retrieve Ryko or Celestia to set him again or Tribute Summon her to destroy any 2 cards of your opponent. Another good target would be Plaguespreader Zombie or a discarded Black Luster Soldier.

Card of Safe ReturnĀ is simply amazing in a deck with tons of Special Summoning from the Graveyard stuff. I am aware of the fact that this is a banned card in official formats but as I pointed out time and time again, I play by my own house rules and by those, this one is limited to 1 copy per deck. So yeah, this will draw you a ton of new cards since it lets you draw 1 every time a Monster is Special Summoned from your Graveyard.

Charge of the Light BrigadeĀ mills your deck whilst fetching you one of your Lightsworns. Ryko would be recommended.

Dark Hole is just awesome in a deck which reanimates Monsters from the Graveyard easily. Also it is a great combo with Archfiend Zombieskull, which turns it into a Raigeki.

Torrential Tributefulfills pretty much the same purpose as Dark Hole.


Overall I must say that this deck looks very interesting and promising and I can’t wait to try it. Maybe I will beat the unexpectedly powerful Wetlands deck with this after all! šŸ˜€

Yu-Gi-Oh: Thinking Outside the Box…

Fellow friends of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG!

With tons of resources in the form of wikis, forums and deck videos on Yu-Gi-Oh decks it is very tempting to just “net-deck” your decks, “borrow” the deck lists/recipes others have made that is. Granted, with masses of gamers actively playing and building decks for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG it is hard to be original and pretty much everything has probably been done before by someone else.

Still I am up to take the challenge and so I am always striving to think outside the box so to say when it comes to new decks and deck ideas. This article is about originality and the three decks I will present you in this article are as original as original gets. Don’t crucify me if you have seen the same or similar deck ideas elsewhere as I for one, have not!

We will start with what is probably the most original deck concept of the three and work our way towards the one which may be least creative and new!

Pot of Destruction – My take on a “Control Deck” in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG and a tribute to my favorite card in said game!

Some of my more creative and fresh deck ideas start with one card, or one basic idea. This one was born out of my “love” for one particular card:

Yeah that’s right! Good old pot of greed! Don’t you just gotta love that grinning, green Goblin face? And no, I don’t care if Pot is banned or whatever in official tournament formats, as I DON’T PLAY TOURNAMENTS and by my personal house rules, everyone is entitled to their Pot! Well to one per deck at least! Why is this my favorite card you may ask. Well the answer is simple: I appreciate and realize the importance of card advantage in any CCG, YGO included. And Pot simply creates card advantage. You spend one card to get 2 new ones. Fair and square. What adds to my fascination for Pot of Greed is that so many cards and card artworks pay hommage to this iconic card, as can be seen in cards like Jar of Greed, Moray of Greed, Pot of Duality and many, many others.

So how can one build a deck around one Spell card, however powerful it may be? I will show you in a second!

So while it was settled for me that I was going to build a Pot of Greed – themed deck, I realized that the card advantage gained by the Pot and its derivates and support cards could be put to great use in a Control-type of deck. Control is an archetype, an established strategy / deck type in Magic: the Gathering, which focusses on destroying opponent Creatures and/or neutralizing opponent cards while relying on very few Creatures to win. While I for one had to realize that (nearly) monsterless builds are more or less impossible in YGO, I thought I could still emulate a Control type deck. So what does that have to do with a Pot of Greed / Draw Deck? Yet again, the answer is simple. My plan with the experimental, rogue-style deck I am going to build is this: Draw tons of cards with Pot and pals and combine that with lots of Monster pinpoint removal Spells. In theory, the card advantage created would ensure that you constanly draw enough removal to keep the upper hand on the field until you can swing in for the win with one “Killer Monster”. Who’s going to be the killer will be revealed soon! Anyways, that is the plan: Card Advantage + Monster Removal + Ā Killer Monster = Victory. We shall see if it works out or not – testing will show soon…

Anyways here is my proposed, experimental as I cannot emphasize enough, deck list:

Pot of Destruction aka “Smoking Pot”:


1 x Spirit of the Pot of Greed

1 x Magician of Faith

3 x Avatar of the Pot

3 x Mystic Tomato

3 x Giant Germ

2 x Royal Magic Library

3 x Jar Turtle

1 x Dark Armed Dragon


1 x Pot of Greed

2 x Shard of Greed

3 x Gold Sarkophagus

3 x A Feather of the Phoenix

1 x Dark Hole

1 x Lightning Strike

3 x Shield Crush

3 x Fissure

3x Ā Smashing Ground


3 x Jar of Greed

Ā The Strategy:

First of all a word of caution: This is a FUN-DECK and I am not aiming to be competitive with it! So having gotten that out of the way, let me talk a bit about how the deck is supposed to work:

As said before, the basic strategy is to gain card advantage and control the field with lots of Monster pinpoint destruction like Shield Crush, Smashing Ground and Fissure and then swing in for the kill with a big, bad Monster. The big, bad Monster in this deck is Dark Armed Dragon. I will talk about his role in this deck shortly, but first a few words about how this deck generates card advantage galore:

Well since even by my house rules, your are only allowed to run one Pot of Greed, I included lots of other draw cards that, amusingly, are referring to the Pot or pay him hommage. These are Jar of Greed and Shard of greed. I added 3 Gold Sacrophaguses firstly, to ensure you will get your hands on your single, lonely Pot of Greed easily and secondly, so your chances of getting your killer, Dark Armed Dragon out of your and into your hand. A Feather of the Phoenix lets you recycle your Pot and Magician of Faith can do the same. If you dont need more cards, you can retrieve other powerful Spells as well, such as Dark Hole. Then there are the Pot of Greed and Jar of Greed support cards. Spirit of the Pot of Greed lets you draw one more card with your Pot and Avatar of the Pot lets you even draw 3 cards when you discard Pot from hand. Team that up with A Feather of the Phoenix and you’ll get a ton of additional cards. Jar Turtle not only shines as a defender with 2100 DEF for a non-Tribute Monster and turns all your Jars into Pots so to say, as you get to draw not one but two cards from Jar of Greed while the Turtle is in play face-up. Royal Magic Library on the other hand has a special place in my heart. It is a decent blocker at 2000 DEF and basically lets you draw 1 card for every third Spell you activate. With constantly recycling Spells with A Feather of the Phoenix, you should be able to draw a ton of cards through the Library.

Now lastly to how I am planning to win with this Deck:

The answer is Dark Armed Dragon. Let’s have a look:

Summoning this beast is quite tricky as you can see. You have to have exactly 3 Dark Monsters in your Graveyard to Special Summon the dragon from your hand. Once he is in play though, the havoc begins. Not only does he have an impressive ATK of 2800, you cccan also banish one Dark Monster from your Graveyard to destroy ANY card on the field. What a killer indeed! In order to meet the summoning requirements of Dark Armed Dragon, I am running Mystic Tomato and Giant Germ. Ā Both Monsters can summon extra copies of themselves when destroyed so you will be able to get the right number of Dark Monsters in your Graveyard easily. But I guess one has to be careful to do this the right way. If 4 or more Dark Monsters are in your Graveyard, it is pretty much game over for you.

I Ā have to stress again that this deck is VERY experimental at the moment. What I am looking for is a second killer Monster for the deck. While Dark Armed Dragon is surely awesome, the summoning conditions required are quite difficult to fulfill and once more Dark Monsters than 4 are in your deck, you can as well concede. A backup win-condition would be very much needed in my opinion.

Teaming up XYZ-Monsters and Gravity Bind:

Another idea I had that I for one at least have not seen anywhere else before revolves around XYZ-Monsters and Gravity Bind, which can be played as a full playset of 3 per deck as per my personal house rules. I had the idea for the deck when I realized that since XYZ Monsters don’t have a Level, but rather a Rank, they are immune to or circumvent the paralyzing powers of Gravity Bind (and similar cards such as Level Limit – Area B). What a great deal when you are pitted against a stall deck featuring the bothersome trap. But why only use XYZs against the Gravity Bind Lock? Why not combine these two elements? That is what I was thinking when the idea for the following deck evolved:

XYZ Gravity Normals:


3 x Atlantean Pikeman

3 x Jerry Beans Soldier

3 x Mad Lobster

1 x Dragon Zombie

3 x Tune Warrior

2 x Gene-Warped Warwolf

2 x Alexandrite Dragon

3 x Rescue Rabbit


3 x Enchanted Fitting Room

2 x Oni-Gami Combo

2 x Symbols of Duty

2 x Swing of Memories

2 x Double Summon

2 x Level Limiter – Area B

1 x White Elephant’s Gift


3 x Gravity Bind

2 x Justi-Break

1 x Ultimate Offering


2 x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

3 x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

3 x Grenosaurus

2 x Gem Knight Pearl

2 x Number 39: Utopia

1 x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

2 x Scrap Archfiend

The Strategy:

First of all I have to say, that after a few initial plays, this deck is big fun. It is very rewarding to dominate over your opponent using mostly low-level Normal Monsters. Also I find it great that the deck does just fine devoid of any of the cards I consider “power cards” such as Pot of Greed, Raigeki, Mirror Force or Monster Reborn. I got White Elephant’s Gift instead of Pot, Justi-Break instead of Raigeki and Swing of Memories or Symbols of Duty instead of Monster Reborn. Furthermore, there are so many great and exciting interactions in this deck – let me share a few with you:

So the basic strategy is to facilitate early and numerous XYZ Summons (or even Synchro Summons via Tune Warrior), while protecting yourself and keeping your opponent from (counter-) attacking via Gravity Bind and its “backup solution” Level Limiter – Area B.

Readers of my previous YGO articles will already be aware of my particular fondness of Normal Monsters and their many, powerful support cards. This deck features some of the best of the best Normal Monsters from Levels 2 – 4 out there. From the Lv 2 Atlantean Pikeman at 1400 ATK over the Lv 3 1750 ATK Jerry Beans Soldier to the kickass Lv 4 2000 ATK beatsticks Gene Warped Warwolf and Alexandrite Dragon. The only Effect Monster in this deck is Rescue Rabbit, which has an extremely useful effect enabling you to XYZ Summon a varity of XYZ Monsters fast, easy and conveniently. Here he is:

You can tribute the little bunny fella to special summon either two Lv 2s, two Lv 3s or two Lv 4s in this particular deck to facilitate flexible XYZ Summons. For Rank 2 I am running Gachi-Gachi Gantetsu, for Lv 3 Grenosaurus or Number 17: Leviathan Dragon would be my choice and for Level 4 Gemknight Pearl or Number 39: Utopia would be my prime targets.

Besides Rabbit, this deck features a ton of XYZ and Synchor enablers: One card I don’t see all too often in decks is Enchanted Fitting Room. For the meager toll of 800 Life Points, you gotta pick up the top 4 cards from your deck and Special Summon all Lv 3 or lower Normal Monsters. It won’t happen all that often, but you could potentially Special Summon up to 4 Monsters. With 12 eligible cards in this 40 card deck, the odds are good that you will not have paid the 800 LP in vain. Besides Enchanted Fitting Room I run Double Summon, Ultimate Offering and Swing of Memories, which can all be used to facilitate XYZ and Synchro Summons pretty easily.

Furthermore, the deck has some very nifty tricks up its sleeve. Symbols of Duty can be devastating and is a card which I greatly enjoy playing, as you can tribute one of your Normal Monsters to take any Monster from ANY graveyard and Special Summon it to your side of the field. Nothing more rewarding than destroying the strongest opponent Monster via Justi-Break only to turn it against its former master through the effect of Symbols of Duty!

Oni-Gami Combo is also awesome, as it lets one of your XYZ Monsters attack twice in a row, under the condition that all of its XYZ Material has to be removed, which is hardly a drawback if you got a Monster such as Gemknight Pearl, which has no use for its XYZ Material anyways.

A great Synchro Monster in this deck is Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, which can easily be summoned with Lv 3 Tuner Tune Warrior and any of your many Lv 3 Monsters. Brionac has a devastating effect and can send multiple cards back to their owner’s hands by discarding a number of cards while boasting a decent ATK of 2300.

Winning with Watery Weaklings: Wetlands and a Deck that is better as it may seem:

This third and last deck I am going to present you in this article is probably the least original, as I have seen similar ones on the internet by now. Originally though, I had no clue that this is actually a somewhat well-known deck type, and it was a card I found in my boxes-o’-cards that raised my curiosity and the urge to build a deck around it. Here it is:

That’s right, Wetlands gives all your Level 2 or lower Aqua-Type Monsters a whooping 1200 worth of ATK-boost! There are tons of other Field Spells that grant stats bonuses to Monsters of a certain Type or Attribute, but 1200 ATK is just outrageous and totally unheard of. So, I thought, there must be some way to “abuse” this card, to build a deck that would be a good home for Wetlands.

I researched on the Internet and that is when I saw that others had built decks around Wetlands before, but here is my version of the deck anyways:



3 x Unifrog

3 x Submarine Frog

3 x Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier

3 x Dewdark of the Ice Barrier

1 x Starboy

1 x Penguin Soldier

2 x Mother Grizzly

2 x Screech


3 x Wetlands

3 x Terraforming

3 x Aqua Jet

3x Moray of Greed

2 x Repair

1 x Dark Hole


1 x Torrential Tribute

3 x Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord

3 x Gravity Bind


Similar to the deck discussed with one, this deck wins with seeminlgy weak Monsters, which is a quality which I like in any deck. It is very rewarding to beat the crap out of an opponent with Level 2 Aqua weaklings!

So the basic plan is to swarm the field with hard-to-block or downright unblockable little Aqua Monsters and then drop Wetlands (I am running virtually 6 copies – 3 x Wetlands + 3 x Terraforming) to turn the small critters into huge beaters.

Under Wetlands, for instance, the direct attacking Unifrog would have 1600 ATK, the “trampling”/”piercing” Submarine Frog would have an impressive 2400 and Dewdark of the Ice Barrier would be a 2400 ATK direct attacker in most cases.

The deck features ways to stop your opponent from attacking you and/or killing your direct attackers. This is achieved by tripple Gravity Bind and tripple Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier as a backup for Gravity Bind. Cryomancer has the same ability as Gravity Bind, but the effect is only active when you control another Ice Barrier Monster. This can be achieved easily by fetching a second Ice Barrier Monster through Mother Grizzly and Skreech.

The latter two cards are the oddballs in the deck as they have both level 4, whereas all other Monsters are Level 2. So while these two will not benefit from Wetlands, I still included them to serve as Monster search engines. Mother Grizzly Special Summons pretty much any Monster from your deck when destroyed in battle and Skreech can send 2 of your Monsters from deck to Graveyard so they can be retrieved via Repair.

The rest of the deck consists of some quite potent support cards for (low level) Water Monsters. Moray of Greed draws you three new cards by shuffling two Monsters into the deck. Aqua Jet is amazing as it gives any of your Monsters a permanent ATK boost of no less than 1000, which can make your direct attackers really huge. Target Dewdark with Aqua Jet and he will be an outstanding 3400 ATK beater, outmatching even the most powerful, high level Monsters. The more Aqua Jets the merrier as a matter of course. Another amazing card in this deck is Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord. Activate it and none of your Level 3 or lower Monsters can be destroyed by any effects or in battle that turn. You can of course make your benthic army survive a massive opponent attack unharmed or be really nasty and activte it when you play Dark Hole or activate Torrential Tribute, so pretty much all your Monsters will survive with your opponent losing all their Monsters.

Overall I like this deck a lot and it has proven to be competitive, at least in the casual environment over here!


Yu-Gi-Oh: Shining Dragons – Building a Deck with my Sister

My younger sister Nora (24) is not as big a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, nor of any card game for that matter, so we play only very rarely. What she loves though is opening booster packs (for the surprise effect that comes along with that) and, to a lesser extent, building decks. The latter is what I love most in pretty much any Customizable Card Game.

So recently my sister and I decided to build a Yu-Gi-Oh deck together. This article is about the result of our little collaboration:

When I asked Nora if she had a general idea in mind for the deck we were about to build for her, it did not take her long until she came up with this: A Light/Dragon deck!

So we “ransacked” my huge trade-binder, scoured the lose cards I have lying around and cannibalized one seldomly used Ligth deck of mine and here’s the result of our cooperative deckbuilding efforts. I will show you the decklist first and then discuss the strategy and the many great interactions the finished deck features.

Shining Dragons Deck:


1 x Marshmallon

3 x Freed the Brave Wanderer

3 x Kaiser Seahorse

2 x Alexandrite Dragon

2 x Honest

1 x D.D. Warrior Lady

1 x Eclipse Wyvern

1 x Cyber Dragon

1 x Zaborg, the Thunder Monarch

2 x The Creator

2 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

1 x Fellgrant Dragon


2 x D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation

1 x Pot of Greed

1 x Graceful Charity

1 x Trade-In

1 x Change of Heart

1 x Snatch Steal

1 x Raigeki

1 x Lightning Vortex

1 x Swords of Revealing Light

1 x Harpy’s Feather Duster

1 x Stamping Destruction

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Premature Burial

1 x Foolish Burial


1 x Mirror Force

1 x Sakuretsu Armor

1 x Call of the Haunted

1 x Solemn Judgment

1 x Return from the Different Dimension


3 x Ā Number 39: Utopia

About the Deck:

First of all I have to mention that this is what I like calling a “Power Deck”, meaning it runs a set of very powerful one-of cards which I usually do not inlcude in any deck, such as Mirror Force, Raigeki and Harpie’s Feather Duster. I granted my sister however to run those in her new deck, so as to make up a bit for her lack in skills when it comes to playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Can’t blame her though – I just have a bit more experience when it comes to this game and CCGs in general.

So this deck is centered around Light Monsters and, to a lesser extent, on Dragons of that attribute and features some Light-support cards such as Kaiser Seahorse and the super-awesome Honest (of which I own a couple as Konami thankfully included them in the awesome Saga of Blue Eyes White Dragon Structure deck of which I grabbed a set of 3!) along with a selection of very powerful one-of Spells and Traps which are just genereally useful.

Let me go through our card choices for the Monsters and some notable Spells & Traps one-by-one:

Marshmallon looks cheesy as shit but is a great Monster to have, which possibly annoys the hell out of an unprepared opponent, as it cannot be destroyed by battle. Quite useful to stall if needed!

Freed the Brave Wanderer is an amazingly powerful card in an all-Light-Monster deck. His stats (just 1700 ATK) are not impressive but by banishing 2 Light Monsters from your Graveyard you get to destroy one Monster in play with a greater ATK than Freed’s. That is when a low base ATK comes in handy. You can get rid of the opponent’s most powerful or pesky Monsters with this amazing ability!

Kaiser Seahorse is probably THE central Monster / Light support card in this particular deck, as you can use it as 2 Tributes for summoning a Light Monster requiring two tributes. This means you can slam down your Blue-Eyes White Dragons or the Creator with just one Tribute. VERY handy!

Alexandrite Dragon is just a great beatstick at 2000 ATK with no Tributes required. Plus he is a Dragon which is cool!

Honest is maybe the most powerful Light Monster support card ever released and literally shines in this deck. You can discard it from hand when a Light Monster battles to give your Monster an ATK boost equal to the ATK of the other Monster it is fighting. This is just deadly and a great addition to the deck. You can alternatively use Honest which has a DEF of 1900 as a blocker if you only face weaker Monsters and return it to your hand in your Main Phase to discard it for its amazing effect later on.

D.D. Warrior Lady is just generally useful as you can remove her and the Monster battling with her from the game after damage was dealt.

Eclipse Wyvern lets you banish one Level 7 or higher Dragon Type Monster of the Light or Dark Attribute from your deck if it is put into the graveyard. If it is banished from there, you can add the banished card to your hand. You can banish a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and special summon it via D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation right away or wait until you banish Wyvern from the Graveyard by paying for Freed’s effect to have the previously banished dragon added to your hand.

Cyber DragonĀ is just another powerful Light Monster which can be special summoned from hand when you control no Monster and your opponent does.

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch is a great, one-tribute one-of Monster in this deck. If you tribute summon him, you get to destroy any one Monster in the game. Pretty powerful and he got a respectable ATK of 2400 to boot.

The Creator can be summoned by tributing Kaiser Seahorse and is a true “reanimation machine”. Once per turn you can discard a card to special summon any Monster from your Graveyard. The prime target would be Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon has just so much nostalgic value to us, my sister and myself, and I still regard him as a powerful card with an ATK of 3000. There are many ways to get him out easily, such as discarding him to the Creator (maybe special summoning the second copy of Ol’ Blue-Eyes) or send him to the Graveyard with Foolish Burial and then reanimate him with Monster Reborn or Premature Burial or just summon him by offering Kaiser Seahorse as a Tribute. There are also ways to banish the Dragon and have him special summoned with Different Dimension Reincarnation or even Return from the Different Dimension.

Fellgrant Dragon has to be summoned from your hand, but is a very powerful dragon as well once you manage to do that. As he is a Light Monster, Kaiser Seahorse can be used to get him out early and easily.

D. D. R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation lets you discard one card (which can be beneficial with the reanimation Spells and Traps in this deck) to Special Summon one of your banished Monsters. This deck has enough ways to get Monsters banished so this can be very useful!

Trade-In: Use your surplus Creators and Blue-Eyes White Dragons to draw 2 additional cards. Pretty good draw in this deck plus a high-power Monster goes to the graveyard through it where it may be of more use than in your hand!

Return from the Different Dimension is kinda in for possible overkills. If you managed to banish some of your Monsters to pay for Freed the Brave Wanderer’s destructive ability, you will have a lot of banished Monsters which will all be special summoned at once by paying half of your Life Points through this card. This will probably spell defeat for your opponent in many cases!

Elemental Clash: The Goblins of Evgeni Maloshenkov

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

Today I want to present you with a ton of eye-candy from the upcoming Legendary Legacy Expansion to the Elemental Clash Master Set.

My valued, ingenious artist Evgeni Maloshenkov from the Ukraine just today delivered the last two illustrations for the Goblin tribe/creature type in the LL set. Please have a look at the truly amazing artwork Evgeni created for the Goblin cards to be featured in the expansion and after the grizzly-scary eye-candy I will, as in pretty much all of my Elemental Clash articles, showcase a possible Goblin tribal deck. But look at the awesome Goblin art first:

Goblin Cadet Promo Small

Goblin Champion Promo small Grizz, Goblin Hero Promo Mars Caller Promo

So this has been established: The Goblins in Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy look horribly awesome. Now let us look at one of many possible Goblin Decks:

Goblin Ambush:


Umbriel, Tribal Avatar (45 cards)


3 x Goblin Cadet

3 x Spark Spirit

1 x Grizz, Goblin Hero

3 x Fanatic Goblin

3 x Goblin Arsonist

3 x Goblin Champion

3 x Mars-Caller


3 x Burning Thoughts

3 x Fiery Bolt

3 x Goblin Ambush

2 x Devastating Flames


3 x Salvager Stone

3 x Hastestone

9 x Mars-Stone

Thoughts on the Deck:

This deck is a so called “tribal deck”, meaning it focusses on one Creature type and support cards for that type. Hence, the choice of Spellcasters was pretty much obvious. The artwork for Umbriel, Tribal Avatar is not yet created but I can tell you what this new Spellcasters does: As long as Umbriel is in play face-up, Creatures of a type you chose at the beginning of the game cost 1 less Energy to summon and when you flip him, you can look at the top 5 cards of your Spellbook (deck) and put all Creatures of the chosen type into your hand. So at the beginning of the game, Umbriel makes sure you can get out a ton of Creatures, Goblins in the case of this Spellbook, cheaply and once you “run out of steam” (out of Creatures that is) he is capable of restocking your hand with additional beaters! What a great deal for any tribal deck.

So the main theme of this deck is Goblins, with a side-theme of Salvage card effects. As a reminder: A card with Salvage can be played for free when it would be discarded from your hand, either by your own effect or by opponent effects.

The Creatures in my Goblin Ambush Spellbook are all Goblins, with the exception of Spark Spirit, which is not a Goblin but has the Salvage ability which combos well with other cards included in the deck, about which I will be talking later on.

As for the Goblins themselves, let me go through them one-by-one:

Goblin Cadet: A 2 ATK / 1 DEF Goblin with the “drawback” of having to discard 1 card when it is played from hand. Combine this with Spark Spirit, Fiery Bolt or Salvager Stone, which all have the Salvage ability and you will turn Cadet’s drawback into an instant advantage.

Grizz, Goblin Hero: Just a 2 ATK / 2 DEF Creature with no additional abilities aside from being “Unique”. A great beater for just 1 Energy!

Fanatic Goblin:

This one can be summoned on turn 1 with Umbriel face-up, so you will get a 2 ATK / 2 DEF Quickattacker on your very first turn.

Goblin Arsonist:

The same goes for Goblin Arsonist. This one does not have Quickattacker but the very useful “Purge” ability, meaning that damage caused by the Arsonist does not lead to cards being sent from your opponent’s Spellbook to their Archive but rather to the Purgatory. This way, the dreaded “Boon” effects do not trigger, and your opponent will not be able to retrieve from their Archive what has been purged through Goblin Arsonist.

Goblin Champion:

This is your ace-Goblin so to say and forms the backbone of this Spellbook together with Mars-Caller. Not only does the Champion grant ALL your other Goblins an ATK and DEF boost of +1/+1, but also has your opponent discard a card whenever one of your other Goblins deals damage to them. The ATK and DEF enhancing would be quite powerful in and of itself but the added “disruption” is the icing on the cake. With Umbriel, you can have this powerful Goblin out by turn 2!


Mars-Caller is the other “power Goblin” in the deck as he allows you to refill your hand with up to 3 cards worth of Goblin backup! Caller’s Play-Effect lets you look at the top 3 cards of your Spellbook and take all Goblin Creatures drawn into your hand. Same as the Champion, you can have this one out as soon as turn 2 with Umbriel’s cost-reducing effect but he is very useful later on as well when you are about to “run out of steam” when it comes to Goblins war-fodder!

The Spells in this deck are a mixture of Salvage / Salvage enabler cards as well as “Goblin-Support”:

Burning Thoughts is probably the most powerful Fire Spell released to-date, as it lets you discard any 1 card to deal 1 damage to target Creature or Player. If the discarded card was a Fire card, you can double that damage and deal 2 instead! Combine that with either Spark Spirit or Fiery Bolt and you got 5 damage for the mere cost of discarding just one card from hand. Fiery Bolt is of general usefulness even though you are not able to play it for free through Burning Thoughts or Goblin Cadet, as it deals 3 damage to any Creature or Player for just 2 Fire Energy. Goblin Ambush is perfect to apply some additional pressure to your oppponent, as it gives all of your Goblin army +2 ATK for one turn. Lastly, Devastating Flames is a great way to get multiple blockers out of the way, as it allows you to distribute 5 damage among any number of Creatures and/or Players. That will take care of your opponent’s defensive forces and let your Goblins attack unhindered. And the best part: You can even play Devastating Flames without paying for its cost by just purging it and another Fire-card from your hand.

The Element-StonesĀ consist of 9 regular Mars-Stones (producing Fire-Energy) as well as 3 Salvagers Stones, which can be played for free if discarded (to Goblin Cadet or Burning Thoughts for example) and 3 Hastestones which give pretty much all of your Creatures the Quickattacker abilities, which spells “Goblins on Steroids” in this deck, as you will be able to attack with any of your Goblins played to the Element-Stone-Stack with a Hastestone in it right the turn you played them.

In conclusion I think this dedicated Goblin-Tribal Spellbook is searing hot and will confront your opponent with an exploding Goblin infestation that needs to be reckoned with. Umbriel’s cost reducing capabilities combined with the universal power boost from Goblin Champion and the hand restocking powers of Mars-Caller will enable you to bring out a lot of Goblins, and that very fast, maybe too fast for your opponent to get up their defenses and strike back…


Next up: A new Spellcaster and more about Dragons!

Stay tuned!



More Pokemon Prehistoric Sprites

Hi everyone!

I kinda took a liking to making sprites for my Pokemon Rom Hacking project “Pokemon Prehistoric”, as it is both fun and challenging to make the best out of 64 x 64 pixels! So here are the latest, new sprites I made:

Ducky Evolutions Sprites

Ducky, Duckster and Paraduck are based on the duck-billed kind of dinosaurs, such as Anatosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

Trilobyte Evolution Sprites

These three are based on the prehistoric Trilobites, which were small, crustacean-like sea creatures. Of course they did not evolve into cocoons and then into some awesome Trilomight sea monster, but give me some artistic freedom here! šŸ™‚

Aerodactly Evolution Sprites

These three are evolution forms of the “official” Aerodactyl Pokemon. You see, from left to right, an electro- a water- and a fire-version of the well known prehistoric Pokemon as seen in the first Pokemon games and beyond. My idea is that in Pokemon Prehistoric you will be able to evolve Aerodactyl into different forms by giving it special stones, similar to what you can do with Eevee in the official games! Aerodarktyl (dark), Viridactyl (plant) and possibly some more Ā evolutions will follow!

And here a few odd ones:

Ammoknight SpriteĀ Elektrex SpriteDarkrex Sprite

Well I hope you like the latest Pokemon Prehistoric Sprites I made. I will surely post many more in the future! šŸ˜€