Hello everyone!

While ago I posted about those obscure Pokemon Rom Hacks some sinister chinese data pirates had put on real, working GBA cartridges and actually sold them on the internet and shifty side-alley markets etc.

Ever since I played Pokemon Quartz, where the crafty creators of the hack had actually gone through the trouble of making up over 300 all new Pokemon, and I have to give them due credit and respect for accomplishing that, I thought… man, I could have done a so much better job on the Pokemon sprites (graphics). Seriously being able to discover and catch hundreds of Pokemon is great and all, but the actual sprites all look kinda awkward or downright crappy. So my artistic ambitions and creative curiosity were awkened and a plan was growing inside my head. Making up all kinds of creatures and monsters was and has always been one of my favorite things and back then when I was a kid and really into Pokemon I came up with countless “custom” pocket monsters. Well just a few days ago I decided to try to realize that plan that has been hatching within me and went to the source of pokemon hackery on the web – Whack a Hack!

Well what I want to do is this:

I will be offering to do the graphics for my very own Pokemon Rom Hack, which may or may not come to life if I find a skilled coder who would be able to handle the programming aspect. Well can’t be doing everything myself I guess so I posted in the forum on WaH. And indeed I already found a young hacker from Argentina who said he would be in for such a thing. I hope to find some more people to lend a hand when it comes to the actual coding.

Anyways here is my idea for the Pokemon Hack, my vision if I may call it that:

Pokemon Prehistoric Starters


Yeah your eyes don’t betray you: Pokemon Prehistoric!!

That’s rigth, a Pokemon Hack with Dino Pokemon! I thought if I am going to go through the trouble of creating and painting 300+ new Pokemon, they should better be awesome and what is more awesome than dinosaurs?! Dinosaurs are awesome. Pokemon are awesome. Dinosaur Pokemon should be double awesome, so I figured. So yeah, Pokemon Prehistoric will be featuring all new, prehistoric-themed Pokemon (not necessarily all dinosaurs but other prehistoric beasts as well, and not necessarily all based on real-life prehistoric animals). People who know me a bit should have realized that I simply love dinosaurs etc (just look at my soon-to-be-published game Biomechanic Dino Battles) so the theme for my planned Pokemon Hack fell into place quite naturally.

So  the next thing I did after drawing some Pokemon concepts like the one seen in the above teaser pic was figuring out how to make actual sprites for a GBA Pokemon Rom Hack. After briefly skimming through some tutorials I found on the web, I got out my trusty Wacom drawing tablet, fired up MS Paint and just got started.

Here the result of what is my very first dabbles in creating pixel art / retro-game sprites (depicting the three starters in Pokemon Prehistoric as well as their evolutions):

Unihorn Evolutions Sprites Sauropi Evolutions Sprites Flaraptor Evolutions Sprites

Well I hope you like those! I have to emphasize again that this is a first for me and everything is just one big learning process. All in all I must say I enjoyed making the above sprites greatly, I loved how placing dot for dot resulted in acutal monster graphics and I simply couldn’t get enough of doing these little pixel artworks.

So what happens next?

Well all I can do is create graphics/sprites and maybe come up with some great storyline or whatnot. The future of the Pokemon Prehistoric project all depends on if I am able to gather a reliable team of coders/rom hackers who will handle the whole programming aspect. Again I may be able to do many things, but I can’t be good at everything so I really rely on external help / collaborators here. As I said I already found an enthusiastic young coder from Argentina but I cannot really tell if one guy will be able to handle everything I cannot do. So I am looking for more collaborators for the project, and am pretty confident to find help on Wack a Hack or elsewhere.

If you are a coder and into Pokemon rom hacking, please don’t hesitate and contact me at!

Well that is in a nutshell the Pokemon Prehistoric project. I for one will do everything to make it real. It all depends on the enthusiasm and goodwill of some future project partners who are able to do what I can’t.

Will keep you updated!

Kind regards,


P.S.: Even if I don’t find any programmer willing to work for me, the graphics just beg for a card or boardgame. “Pixelmon” anyone?



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