An (Almost) Forgotten Game of Mine: Get the Cheese!

Today I want to show to you one of my unfinished games which I have been neglecting quite a bit for quite a while:

Get the Cheese Box Shot small

Well first of all I have to say that I am constantly coming up with new game ideas and designs, at a faster rate than I can possibly handle, being kind of a “one-man-show”. Hence many (maybe great) game ideas and prototypes get shelved as I have to focus on a handful of games at one time, considering my resources are limited as a matter of course. These resources include development time, playing/playtesting time and, last but not least and sadly, money.

So in this article I want to introduce you to one of my “forgotten” game ideas – forgotten but not lost and always at the ready to be “reactivated”. I am not writing this article in an effort to reactivate the  “Get the Cheese! Project” as I have to focus on a couple of other game projects now which are more important at this point (Elemental Clash, Crystal Clash, Biomechanic Dino Battles and Imperium Galacticum Hex to name the most important ones) but rather to share my thoughts and to prevent that Get the Cheese! will be forgotten altogether.

So the idea for Get the Cheese was born when I set myself the challenge to create “the cheesiest card game ever”. Cheesy not in the sense that the cards look ultra-cheap and crappy, but rather in a sense that the characters should be silly, pointless and utterly ridiculous. I was inspired greatly by the somewhat cheesy caste of character in the oh-so popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, where you find anything from evil Tomatos to hungry, maneating Burgers. In fact that was the main impulse that got me started on Get the Cheese! Furthermore, I had the idea to interpret the “cheesiest game ever” motto of my game design efforts in a literal sense, so Get the Cheese! is not only cheesy as hell, it is also all about acquiring cheese, in the literal sense, and centered around the highly-sought after, all-powerful “Master Cheese” around which I created an alternate win condition. To show you some eye-candy right away, take a look at the four Main Characters I designed, each of them having a unique deck which you can choose to play with:

Get the Cheese! Main Characters

I think the above illustrations will enable you to fathom the level of ridiculousness in this game! They are setting the tone for their respective decks which contain equally silly characters and actions.

So the game will come with four (in the end well-balanced) different pre-built/fixed 30 card decks, each centered around one of the main charactes seen above. Here’s a bit about how the game is played:

The goal of the game is to either collect 20 Cheese or to be the owner of the Master Cheese card when the first player’s deck runs out of cards – whichever happens first.


So each player will pick a Character and the deck that is associated with it. Everyone will start out with 5 Cheese (kept track of with a 20-sided dice, preferably in yellow!) and players will take turns performing a number of Actions according to their Characters Action Points (AP) on each of their turns. AP can be spent to play “Pals”, “Stuff” or “Deeds” from hand, along with a number of Cheese according to the card’s cost. Furthermore you can attack by using AP, use special abilities or mess with the Master Cheese. Attacking opponent Characters and Pals will be your main way to acquire more Cheese – remember that you’ll win once you acquire at least 20 Cheese. If you attack a Pal with 3 DEF with your 4 ATK Pal or Character, you will earn a total of 1 Cheese for example. Now the alternative win condition is to own the Master Cheese card when the first of the 30 cards player’s decks runs out of cards. Each card can be used for its “Master Cheese Effect” instead of being played regularly, by spending an AP. There are many ways to manipulate the Master Cheese to your advantage, and different cards will have a different Master Chees Ability like “Get the Cheese” which will earn you the MC (Master Cheese) if nobody owns it currently, “Steal the Cheese” which lets you take the MC from any player or the useful “Sell the Cheese” abiltiy which earns you additional (regular) Cheese.

That is, in a nutshell, how the game works. And here, to illustrate what I wrote above, what the actual Character cards look like:

Character Card Prototypes

The red value is the Character’s Attack Power, the green value the Defense and the yellow value is the number of AP it has per turn.

The black text are the Character’s Special Abilities and the number in parenthesis is the Cheese Cost for that Abiltiy, the amount of Cheese you have to pay for activating the Ability.

So in Get the Cheese, every Character and Character Deck has their own strengthes and weaknesses and my intention is to make every deck an unique experience, with its own strategies and style of play. The Pals that assist you, the Deeds (think Actions) you perform and the Stuff (Items) you play are all themed to fit, to some extent, the theme the Character of each deck sets and are equally as absurd and silly as the Characters they are associated with.

All in all I am looking forward to revisit this game idea of mine, as soon as I find the time to that is. The prototype is already set up and available to be ordered from The Game Crafter anytime. What is missing is the artwork, and a considerable amount would be needed for all four 30 card decks. Since I want to do the artwork all by myself for Get the Cheese, I’ll have to find some time to get this done sometime in the future. I think it will be worth the effort. Also I have to admit that I have not even had the time to get this to the table yet, although it looks very promising to me.

Well for now I have to focus on the other games I have mentioned before, as those have top priority at the moment. However when those are more or less done, I will surely go back to reactivating the Get the Cheese! project eventually.

Will keep you posted!

Kind regards,



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