Announcing the Push&Move Mobile App!

Hello everyone!

It is my great pleasure to announce the upcoming

Push & Move Mobile App for Android and iOS

My crafty coders of ORG.COM (not an actual URL) who have already proven their talent in developing a kickass App for Elemental Clash are working hard on turning another one of my games into a Mobile App! And they are making quite some progress as you can see in the brilliantly looking preview screenshots taken from the (unfinished) game I will show you at the end of this article.

Push&Move is a an easy to understand yet challenging to master board game of pushing and moving around dice  (hence the name) on a modular board with tiles that have certain effects on any dice moved there. The goal is to push at least three opponent dice either into the dreaded “Death Tiles” or over the border of the playing field. Your dice have to be “stronger” than your opponent’s so you can “push them around” and there are many different tiles which can “strengthen” / promote your dice, but also tiles that reduce your dice’s strength and tiles with other, fun effects. Also, you can combine the strength of multiple of your dice in order to push one or more stronger opponent dice.

This game, which can also be played just with paper, pencil and two sets of dice, was, in my opinion, begging to become something you would play on your tablet or mobile device with touchscreen. I have tried the current protoype and it is really intuitive and fun to move around the dice with your finger and watch the great visual effects when they hit the various special tiles.

Due to the nature of Push&Move (there is no such thing as hidden information in the game), two players will be able to compete against each other using just one device. Playing this way comes really close to a real board game experience as you can put your tablet etc on the table and each player will make their moves like on a real board sitting on the table. However, besides the obvious “Hot Seat” mode, there will also be a mode of play where you will compete against an AI. There will also be scoring and you will be able to choose one of many funky sci-fi characters with nice special abilites as your avatar in the game.

Please have a look at the outstandingly awesome looking screenshots from the current prototype. Our artist Enggar Adirasa, who can not only do amazing fantasy artwork for games like Elemental Clash, but also excels at making professionally looking assets/graphics for games and mobile apps, did a terrific job at making the visuals for the Push&Move App! Thank you Enggar!

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Well I hope you like what you have seen as much as I do, and will keep you posted on any updates on the Push&Move App.



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