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Hi Everyone!

This time I want to present you another article about Elemental Clash and what is coming in the impending Legendary Legacy Expansion,  telling you “tales from the armory”,  introducing you to a brand-new card type:


Let us get the theory out of the way before we move on to take a look at some of the new Equip-Spells which are going to make their debut in the upcoming Expansion:

Equip-Spells are permanent Spells just like the Permanent-Spells you may already be familiar with. They are played to a suitable Element-Stone-Stack, that is one that produces enough Energy, whereby the Element does not really matter as all the Legendary Legacy Equip-Spells will be Neutral, just like you would do when playing any other card. What is different about Equip-Spells and sets them apart from Permanent-Spells for instance is that during your next Standby-Phase, when you clear your Stone-Stacks, you can attach your Equip-Spells to any Creature in play, yours or your opponent’s, or, if there is no Creature you can or want attach them to, you can set them aside. Equip-Spells will usually have some special, beneficial effect(s) on their bearer/wielder and if the bearer/wielder leaves play, they drop their Equip-Spells, which are set aside and can be attached to another Creature during subsequent Standby-Phases. You can also relocate your Equip-Spells from one Creature to another during any of your Standby-Phases. The only way an Equip-Spell can land in the Archive is when it is destroyed through certain card effects or discarded from you Spellbook or from your hand.

Ok having the theoretical part gotten out of the way, let me show you some of the actual Equip-Spell cards which were brilliantly illustrated by the artist who is becoming the determining factor in the visuals of Legendary Legacy, Evgeni Maloshenkov:


So as you see there will be quite some variety of powerful Equip-Spells, like the weak but “Booned” Club, which Evgeni ingenuously rendered as a “Troll-made Plagued Head Club”, the Zombie-affiliated Reaper’s Scythe or the heavy ATK booster Greater Battleaxe and the massively DEF enhancing Greater Armor.

Personally I think that these Equip-Spells and the others coming in Legendary Legacy and beyond will see quite some play and be a factor to reckon with in future Elemental Clash decks, as they give, maybe otherwise weak, Creatures a lasting and re-usable advantage either by boosting their stats or giving them powerful, additional abilities. The fact that the Equip-Spells can be attached to new Creatures if their old wielders/bearers were slain make them a great addition to round out many a Spellbook.

So, as I always do, I thought about a Spellbook which would be highly suited for heavy Equip-Spell use. I want to share my deck draft with you, as I usually in my Elemental Clash or other CCG-related articles. Have a look:

Golem Gadgeteers:

Spellcaster: Thorbald, Dwarven Tinkerer (45 cards)


3 x Dwarven Miner

3 x Clay Golem

3 x Stone Golem

3 x Iron Golem

3 x Gold Golem


3 x Stonelore

3 x Club

2 x Shackles

2 x Greater Battleaxe

1 x Greater Armor

1 x Reaper’s Scythe

1 x Anti-Effect Field

1 x Mindblocker

1 x Spiritblocker


1 x Venus-Stone

1 x Mars-Stone

3 x Magmastone

3 x Powerstone

3 x Hastestone

1 x Stone of Forgetfulness

1 x Morphing Stone

1 x Corroding Stone

1 x Stone of Wisdom

My Thoughts on the Deck:

Let me start with the Spellcaster, Thorbald, the Dwarven Tinkerer:

Although he was released in the Master Set, Thorbald was just made for a Spellbook as the one listed above, since his Static and Flip Abilities refer both to Neutral Spells and Creatures. So in fact he makes not much sense without any Neutral Spells&Creatures, which will be introduced in Legendary Legacy, available. I am not sure if you can read what it says on the above card image so I am going to state Thorbalds abilities here: As long as the Dwarven Spellcaster remains face up on the field, all your Neutral Spells and Creatures require 1 less Energy to be cast or summoned (with a minimum of 1 Energy required). When you flip him, you may search your Spellbook for any one Neutral Spell or Creature and put it into play directly. Now you will realize just how great Thorbald works with a “Neutral heavy” Spellbook like the one I suggested above.

Moving on to the Creatures, we see that the Creatures in this particular Spellbook are nearly all Golems, with exception of the odd, lone Dwarven Miner, who is in there to “tutor” (search your Spellbook) for any Element-Stone, even non-basic ones. Here’s a picture of all four Golem cards (all of them greatly illustrated by Katy Grierson of the UK):


At first glance you will notice that all of them are Neutral Creatures, which matters a lot with Thorbald as your Spellcaster, and on closer inspection you will see that none of them have special abilities/effects, save for Gold Golem which has a very harsh drawback, only a ton of flavor text (which is not relevant gameplay-wise).

The general idea of this particular Spellbook is this: Get out Golems cheaply, by making optimum use of Thorbald’s cost-reducing Static Ability (I would advise against flipping him unless it is your last option), powering them up with Power- and Hastestones as soon as they hit the playing field, as well as boosting their stats with the new Equip-Spells, which are cheaper to play as well through Thorbald. Furthermore, this Spellbook features not just one, but two “Toolboxes”, which is an element I greatly enjoy including in any CCG deck.

The first Toolbox is pretty obviously a Neutral Spell/Creature toolbox, powered by none less than your Spellcaster, Thorbald, the Dwarven Tinkerer. While you should flip him only when absolutely necessary, so as to make use of his Static Ability for a long as possible, there are quite a few “Silver Bullets”, useful one-of cards that is, in your Spellbook that can be easily searched for and put into play by making use of Thorbald’s Flip Ability. If you are facing a Boon-heavy opponent Spellbook, get yourself a Mindblocker to put an end to the madness, if Salvage should be causing you troubles, grab Spiritblocker or make any Play-Effects, Leave-Effects or Destroy-Effects fizzle via Anti-Effect Field. There is a minor combo involving Thorbald, Anti-Effect Field and Gold Golem, at 4 ATK and 4 DEF the most powerful of the Golems: Gold Golem has you destroy 3 of your Element-Stones as its Play-Effect. You can however circumvent that harsh penalty or drawback by either putting a Gold Golem direclty into play from your Spellbook (the Play-Effect triggers only when the card would be put from hand into play as per the rules) or have Anti-Effect Field out which will shut down the negative Play-Effect of Gold Golem as well.

The second Toolbox in this Spellbook is an Element-Stone Toolbox: Dwarven Miner and Stonelore both give you access to any 1 Element Stone, basic or nonbasic, and the deck includes a ton of handy “Special Stones” with all kinds of useful effects, some of which are your “Silver Bullets” in your Stone-Toolbox. These include some powerful Stones with Unique such as Stone of Wisdom, which can be sacrificed to draw 2 cards from the Spellbook. Your searchers Dwarven Miner and Stonelore are great Stone Toolbox enablers as the former has the Play-Effect of adding any 1 Element-Stone from Spellbook to hand while doubling as a blocker, which can be handy at times, and the latter puts any 1 Element-Stone from your Spellbook into play directly. And to top it off, Stonelore has Boon as well.

This deck can have a very powerful start if you manage to combine the cost-reducing effect of Thorbald’s Static Ability with your Neutral Golems and two of your Element-Stones in particular: Hastestone and Powerstone. Since most Creatures and Spells in this deck are Neutral, as in not belonging to any of the four Elements, so I am able to run an unusually high number of Neutral Element-Stones. Now Powerstone and Hastestone are the ideal combination to start the game with when combined with your Neutral Creatures and Thorbald’s ability. You can play a Powerstone first and then a Stone Golem on it, since Thorbald will reduce its cost to 1 Neutral Energy and you’ll have a 3 ATK and 3 DEF Creature on turn 1. On your second turn you could follow up with playing a Hastestone on top of that Powerstone and play Iron Golem at cost 2 onto your newly formed Stack. That would give you a 4/4 Quickattacker on turn two to  team up with your 3/3 Stone Golem. Add some Equip-Spells into the mix and you should have some very powerful beaters early on! Maybe you will hit some Clubs when taking early damage, so they will be a free, instant-ATK-boost for one of your Golems as the Clubs happen to have the popular and powerful Boon ability. Honorable mention: Use Shackels to “immobilize” one of your opponent’s ace-Creatures. Shackles can, as any Equip-Spell, be attached to an opponent Creature, which will be unable to attack, block or move as long as Shackles remain attached to it.

Overall this Spellbook should provide an interesting and fun game experience and, being quite powerful, should stand a good chance against other, more established deck types such as Burn or Recursal Decks.


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