Tribal Elemental Clash: The Spirits of Katy Grierson

I welcome you to yet another article about Elemental Clash, which is supposed to be the first of a series of “Tribal Elemental Clash” articles.

In this one I want to do mainly two things:

Firstly I want to introduce you to a major Creature type in Elemental Clash, a major tribe as one could say – the airborne Spirit type – as well as showcase the magnificent illustrations one of my talented artists, Katy Grierson, has created for said Creature type.

Let us start with the eye-candy first – after all that is what we all like most about card games such as Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! or even, may I mention it in the same sentence, Elemental Clash.

Katy Grierson from the UK is, so far, the only female member of the current Elemental Clash art team and has worked for and with me for a considerable time and has, over the course of that work relationship, proven to be not only highly gifted when it comes to the fine arts but also reliable, great to work with and flexible, as Katy has proven her skills not only in the fantasy genre of Elemental Clash but also in the futuristic realm of sci-fi when she did some illustrations for one of my other “Clash Games”, Space Clash.

Here is one example of Katy’s work for Elemental Clash which is of the aforementioned Spirit Creature-Type:

Oon, the Legendary Spirit

Although Katy has proven her artistic sense and creativity time and time again, I insisted that she would do the artworks for the Spirits in Elemental Clash based on the Creature concepts I had come up with myself in previous incarnations of the game. I was and still am quite fond of those, borrowing the style and eery feel from Japanese “kami”. Here is my rendition of Oon, the Legendary Spirit which seems rather puny compared to Katy’s interpretation you have seen above:

oon, legendary spirit

And here some card previews of Spirits Katy has illustrated for the upcoming Legendary Legacy expansion:


So Spirits are going to be a major Creature type, maybe THE defining Creature type for the Air Element, in the near and also in the more distant future of the game. The three above let you fathom how powerful Tribal Decks, in this case Spirit Decks, will be (provided you possess at least cursory knowledge of the game).

Nimble Spirit is protected from any Spells or Abilities while you can summon it for free when discarded from hand. Venus-Caller fills your hand with Spirits, if you have enough in your Spellbook that is, and Spirit Overlord not only boosts ATK and DEF of all of its brethren but also gives them the useful Quickattacker ability, which allows them to attack the turn they come into play. Especially Caller and Overlord should be quite a powerful duo in any dedicated Spirit Deck.

And now I will let you in on a secret: As I plan on making Tribal Decks all the more a viable option in the future of the game, the Legendary Legacy expansion will include a Spellcaster dedicated to support Tribal Decks of all kinds, going by the name of Umbriel, Avatar of Tribes. I will not reveal any more for now as I would rather wait to show you the finished card with kickass artwork!

That being said, let us get back to Spirit Tribal Decks!

All Legendary Legacy cards included, the Spirit Creature type is probably the least viable and supported of the major Creature types in the game (the major types would include Trolls, Albs and Undead in Earth, Goblins and Dwarves in Fire, Spirits, Elementals and Griffins in Air and Merfolk, Sea Serpents and Fish in the Water Element) as this particular tribe has the least members in the Master Set and Legendary Legacy. However I will make sure to release more Spirits and “Spirit-support” cards in future sets of Elemental Clash to show that neglected Creature type the love it rightfully deserves.

Now as no article on a Customizable Card Game like Elemental Clash would be complete without discussing one of the many possible decks, let me still attempt to show you a deck list for my attempt of creating a powerful Spirit Tribal Deck. As always, I will provide the card list and follow up with some strategic thoughts on the same. I refer you to the cards section on if you want to know what each card does. The cards will be from the Master Set as well as from Legendary Legacy. One last remark: I would love to show you a Spellbook with Umbriel, Tribal Avatar as the Spellcaster but as I said I prefer to “reveal” him when the card is finished, that is when the artwork is done!

Tribal Spirits:

Spellcaster: Kallas the Irate


3 x Minion of the Skies

3 x Nimble Spirit

1 x Oon, Legendary Spirit

3 x Jupiter-Caller

3 x Spirit Overlord

2 x Jupiter-Stormmaster


3 x Mars Rage

3 x Arcane Teachings

3 x Whirlwind

3 x Flaring Flames


3 x Plasmastone

3 x Demonic Stone

4 x Jupiter-Stone

3 x Mars-Stone

My Thoughts on the Deck:

Let me first say something about the Spellcaster: I chose Kallas the Irate, not because she fits the theme of the Spellbook – in fact there is no Spellcaster at the moment who would fit this deck perfectly and we will have to wait for Umbriel, Tribal Avatar – but because of her stats. Kallas lets you draw a hand of 8, which is +1 to the standard hand of 7, and, most important, she draws you 2 cards on every of your Draw Phases while allowing for a full 40 cards deck. The double draw matters as this is going to be a “Creature rush” type of Spellbook and one would expect that your opponent may have ways to get rid of Creatures. Kallas ensures you a constant influx of new Creature cards to replace the destroyed ones.

Since this is supposed to be a Spirit Tribal Spellbook, the Creatures in it are exclusively of the Spirit-type. Something odd became apparent to me when looking for Spirit Creatures to run in the deck: There seem to be no Level 2 Spirits at this point, neither in the Master Set nor in the Legendary Legacy expansion. There are Griffins and Elementals among other types with Level 2 but no Spirits. I tried to address this problem by including the special Element Stone Demonic Stone, which provides 2 Neutral Energy instead of just one as any other Stone would do. So you can play a Level 1 Spirit on turn 1 and follow up with one of the many Level 3 Spirits that I am running in this Spellbook as soon as on your second turn.

While all the Creatures in the deck are of the Air element, I decided to “splash” some Fire Spells as support. There are some nice synergies for example combining Minion of the Skies, a Level 1 unblockable Spirit with 1 ATK / 1 DEF and Mars Rage. Just attack with the unblockable Minion and cast Mars Rage to give it a considerable ATK boost, which will definitely hurt your enemy. Also the deck runs a considerable number of Spells with Boon, in the form of Arcane Teachings for additional card draw / cycling through your Spellbook, Flaring Flames mainly to get blockers out of the way and the “bounce” Spell Whirlwind, which is also a great way to get rid of pesky blockers to render your opponent defenseless against your ethereal Spirit army. Demonic Stone’s drawback of having to send the top card from your Spellbook to your Archive during each of your Standby-Phases is a good way to trigger your Boon-Spells too.

When it comes to Creatures, this Spellbook has much to offer: Nimble Spirit and Minion of the Skies are cheap and have some great additional abilities and Oon, the Legendary Spirit adds to the early pressure you will be applying to your opponent as it is a 2 ATK / 1 DEF Quickattacker for just 1. Jupiter-Stormmaster from the Master Set happens to be a Spirit too and can be very useful to clear the way for your attackers through its inbuilt “bounce” ability, which can send any pesky Creature to its owner’s hand. Your main “engine” however are Jupiter-Caller and Spirit Overlord. Jupiter-Caller makes sure you don’t run out of Spirits while potentially creating some decent card advantage in the process and Spirit Overlord is gives all your other Spirits a +1 ATK /+1 DEF boost and, if that wasn’t enough already, the Quickattacker ability to top it off, allowing all your other Spirits to attack the very turn they come into play. So those two cards should enable you to overwhelm your opponent pretty soon with an onslaught of powerful, quickattacking Spirit Creatues and help you to gain and maintain dominance on the field.

Well those are my thoughts on my take on a Spirit Deck. Again, I will be releasing additional Spirit Creatures as well as Spirit “support” cards in future sets and will make sure to add some Level 2 Spirits as well to make a dedicated Spirit deck all the more viable and enjoyable to play. And of course I am looking forward to playing this and other “Tribal” Spellbooks with the new “Tribal Avatar” Spellcaster, which I am going to show to you on here as soon as the art is finished.

So thank you for your interest and time. I hope you had a good read and enjoyed this latest Elemental Clash article of mine.

More Tribal Elemental Clash articles will follow soon!

Sincerely yours,



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