The Dragons of Elemental Clash

There is one iconic type of Creature which pretty much defines the fantasy genre: In any good fantasy, at least in my opinion, there need to be Dragons – at some point. And so, Elemental Clash as well features the scaly, giant, winged lizards we all love so well.

In Elemental Clash, Dragons made their first appearance in the very first set, the Basic Set, which was released a few years ago on The Game Crafter and when I decided to release the definite version of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game, I simply could not skip those awesome four initial Dragon Creatures either, so they were a must-have in the Elemental Clash Master Set.

In the Master Set, the Dragons were the work of Mark Hyzer, an artist with a most peculiar and unique style who used to work, among others, for Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: the Gathering (about which I posted ad nauseam here recently). Truly an artist befitting the Dragon-kind!

Here are the four initial Dragons in Elemental Clash, one for each of the four Elements, brilliantly illustrated by Mark Hyzer:


Now if these draconian beasts are not awesome enough for your taste, you will be amazed by the dragons to be featured in the first expansion to the Master Set…

Legendary Legacy Logo

…which I still hope to be able to release prior to Christmas ’13. The dragons of Legendary Legacy will be no ordinary dragons mind you, but mighty Dragon Lords – one for each Element. These Dragon Lords are the uncontested rulers of their respective element, all of them having the new “Unique” status (You can only have 1 copy of any 1 card with “Unique” in your deck) and will come with tremendous and flavorful abilities – worthy of their kingly status!

The Dragon Lords of Legendary Legacy were brilliantly realized by one of my newer but still incredibly gifted artists, Alonzo Emata of the Philippines (Congrats once again on your baby girl btw Alonzo!). I think before I am going to show you the actual Dragon Lord cards, I will treat you to some large versions of the four artworks Alonzo created. They are worth a good look as you will see right now:

Here is Grimlock the Cruel, King of Terror and Lord of all Fire Dragons:

Grimlock small

Next meet Finborg, the Sire of the Seven Seas and keeper of the Oceans many secrets:

Finborg small

Now behold Ascarius, the Lord of the Storms and Sovereign of the Skies:

Ascarius small

And lastly, I want to introduce you to Bargost Thundertail, the wise voice of the woods and lord of all Earth Dragons:

Bargost small

Before I proceed with showcasing a deck which I would build using ALL dragons released or to-be-released in Elemental Clash I want those of you who have some knowledge in the art of “clashing” to see what the four Dragon Lords are capable of by presenting you with the actual card images:


As you can see for yourself above, all four Dragon Lords are lordly as well when it comes to their stats and abilities (All have the new “Immunity” ability for instance), the downside being that you can run only one copy in your Spellbook of each of the above, due to their “Unique” status, which should counterbalance the power of the cards to some extent.

As the last part of my article on the Dragons of Elemental Clash, I would like to share a deck I came up with which contains all the Dragons of Elemental Clash, the old, “regular” ones as well as the new “unique ones, thus being a deck utilizing all four Elements. “How is that possible?” you will inevitably ask. Meet my Prisma of the Many Colors, the Spellcaster I chose for this particular back, who is the solution to the “color problems”:


Prisma’s Static Ability will have all my basic Element Stones produce Energy of any color I want, so the fair sorceress is highly useful in a deck trying to support cards of all four Elements. But as we will see soon, I am actually planning to use her secondary ability, her Flip Ability to apply quite some pressure to the opponent early on. But let me share you the deck list with you before I go into detail regarding the strategy I have in mind for this particular deck:

Prismatic Dragons:

Spellcaster: Prisma of the Many Colors (40 cards)


3 x Dwarf Miner

1 x Bargost Thundertail

1 x Ascarius, Lord of Storms

1 x Grimlock the Cruel

1 x Finborg, Sire of the Seven Seas

1 x Earth Dragon

3 x Lightning Dragon

2 x Fire Dragon

2 x Sea Dragon


3 x Stonelore

3 x Revive

3 x Necromancy

1 x Wrath of Mars

1 x Jupiter’s Gift


1 x Rainbow-Stone

1 x Dragon-Stone

6 x Venus-Stone

4 x Mars-Stone

1 x Mercury Stone

1 x Jupiter Stone

Some Thoughts on Strategy:

Well basically the plan would be this: While Prisma’s prismatic ability of turning all your Basic Element Stones into “Rainbow-Stones”, I would actually flip Prisma for her one-time Flip Ability to search for a Dragon-Stone and a Rainbow-Stone (both “Unique”) and then place a third stone on top of that stack. This will grant me the power of summoning any Dragon (they all cost 3) of whatever Element I want on turn one, and on top of that it will come into play with a +1 ATK and +1 DEF Counter AND will have Quickattacker due to the powers of Dragon-Stone. Rainbow-Stone is “unique” as well and produces Energy of any color. Of course I am pretty much screwed if playing against an opponent who has cards that remove that Rainbowstone. But I have backup: Both Dwarf Miner and Stonelore search my Spellbook for any one Element-Stone and put it into my hand or in play respectively. What is cool besides the obvious massive dragon mayhem is that due to the inherent mechanics of the Elemental Clash card game, your Archive (discard pile) will be filled with Dragons sooner or later (remember, every damage inflicted on you results in the top card of your deck going to your discard). That is where Necromancy comes in. You can basically pick the dragon you just need the most at any point in a game and revive it to your DEF-Zone.

I am really very much looking forward to holding especially the Dragon Lord cards in hands in the not too distant future, and will do my best to bring them to you in a timely manner as well.

Will keep you updated on the progress of the Legendary Legacy expansion so stay tuned!!


One thought on “The Dragons of Elemental Clash

  1. For the issues with removal of the rainbow stone, I have found that mirror stone usually does quite nicely. Add in Enggar, Master of Colors, and every basic stone becomes a Rainbow stone. I myself decided that both the Earth Dragon and the Fire Dragon were not worth the slot, both being dependent on basic stones to function and better in Mono-elemental decks. Instead I focused on supporting spells like Clash of Dragons and Royal Revival. Soon I’ll be adding Future Sight and Austrian Tales to my collection and can put more dragons in from those expansions.

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