Eldrazi Ironworks – Yet Another Casual Deck (MtG):

Well, my last article was all about the evil Eldrazi overlord Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. When looking at the other Eldrazi and Eldrazi support cards available, I thouhgt why not building a deck featuring some of those as well. The “Minor” Eldrazi are all immensely powerful as well. Remembering decks from the Mirrodin Block that used Krak-Clan Ironworks…

…as a means of generating some massive amounts of Mana, I thought why not use that for summoning some badass Eldrazi? So here is what I have come up with:

Eldrazi Ironworks (Modern Format Casual Deck):


4 x Ornithopter (0)

4 x Myr Moonvessel (1)

4 x Myr Servitor (1)

2 x Ulamog’s Crusher (8)

1 x Artisan of Kozilek (9)

2 x Pathrazer of Ulamog (11)

2 x It, that Betrays (12)

1 x Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (15)


4 x Not of this World (7)

3 x Fling (1R)


1 x Eldrazi Conscription (8)


2 x Lightning Greaves (2)

4 x Semblance Anvil (3)

4 x Krak-Clan Ironworks (4)

2 x Dreamstone Hedron (6)


4 x Darksteel Citadel

4 x Great Furnace

4 x Vault of Whispers

4 x Ancient Den

4 x Seat of the Synod

2 x Tree of Tales

The Strategy:

This deck features a grand total 32 Artifacts, that is more than half of the deck, so you shoul have enough fodder for Krak-Clan Ironworks, which gives you 2 generic Mana for every artifact you sacrifice. Semblance Anvil is also a great way to decrease the cost of your Eldrazi and other cards. You best impront one of your small and expendable Artifact Creatures like Ornithopter, Myr Moonvessel or Myr Servitor so the Anvil will both reduce the cost of Creatures, your costly Eldrazi, and of Artifacts like Ironworks or Dreamstone Hedron. Myr Moonvessel is great sacrifice fodder as it will net you 1 Mana when sacrificed, so if you feed it to Ironworks, you will get a total of 3 Mana. Not of this world is a free counter if you counter something that targets your Eldrazi and Fling’s purpose shoul be obvious: Hurl one of your Eldrazi towards the opponent for a final blow.

All this should enable you to summon even Emrakul at a cost of 15 on turn 4.

Turn 1: Play an Artifact Land, then play a cheap Artifact Creature, preferably Myr Moonvessel.

Turn 2: Play an Artifact Land and two more one cost or lower Artifact Creatures, preferably Moonvessel.

Turn 3: Play an Artifact Land and Semblance Anvil, imprinting an Artifact Creature.

Turn 4: Play an Artifact Land and Krark Clan Ironworks. You now have a total of 9 Artifacts and you can sac 8 of them to be able to summon Emrakul. If you sacked a few Moonvessels you will even have enough Mana to give Emrakul Haste via Lightning Greaves if you happen to have them in hand.


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