M:tG Casual Deck: Fist of Emrakul

Although I normally tend to favor small and efficient Creatures (being a White Weenie player for at least a decade or so) over the huge pummelers, when I saw this big, mean behemoth of a Creature when they first released it…

…I fell in love with it immediatley and tried to build decks abusing it ever since.

First of all, Emrakul, the Eons Torn features amazing, full card artwork by probably my favorite M:tG artist, Mark Tedin, and secondly, the Eldrazi overlord comes with a ton of amazing and rather intimidating abilities attached to a gargantuan 15/15 body. For 15 Mana however, he’d better be good, good enough to win you the game.  Emrakul escapes from any nasty countermagic, he gives you an additional turn when cast, he has evasion in the form of flying and protection from colored spells as well as the Annihilator ability at 6, which will force your opponent to sacrifice no less than 6 permanents when Emrakul launches an attack. As a precautious effort, Emrakul is shuflled into the deck when he would be send to the graveyard from anywhere, so that you cannot just reanimate him for cheap.

However, I found quite a few ways to circumvent that drawback over the course of time, one of which, and I deem it the most powerful and versatile way, I am going to share with you in this casual deck article. The deck I have come up with and am going to show you shortly, uses an overlooked rare (you might call it a “crap-rare”) from Mirrodin block’s Fifth Dawn Set: Fist of Suns:

As you see, Fist of Suns lets you pay one mana of every color, so 5 in total, instead of the regular cost of any Spell. Now please look at Emrakul again and go figure! 😀

Before I tell you a bit more about the individual cards, let me first show you the decklist I have come up with centering around the Emrakul – Fist of Suns combo:

Fist of Emrakul (Casual):


4 x Birds of Paradise

4 x Noble Hierarch

4 x Joiner Adept

2 x Bringer of the Black Dawn

1 x Myojin of Cleansing Fire

1 x Blightsteel Colossus

2 x Emrakul, the Eons Torn


4 x Channel the Suns

4 x Diabolic Tutor

2 x Beacon of Tomorrows

2 x Time Stretch

1 x Plague Wind


4 x Fist of Suns

3 x Lightning Grieves


4 x City of Brass

4 x Forbidden Orchard

6 x Forest

2 x Mountain

2 x Island

2 x Plains

2 x Swamp

Thoughts on my Card Choices:

Birds of Paradise & Noble Hierarch:

Both Birds and Hierarch produce 1 Mana, Birds of any color and Hierarch either blue, green or white and are thus very useful in a 5-color deck to ensure the consistency of your plays. What is more, they are also great Mana accelerators, which allow you to drop your Fist of the Suns for example one turn earlier, as soon as turn 3 to be more precise.

Joiner Adept:

While this one does not produce Mana itself, Joiner Adept turns all your lands into lands that produce ANY type of Mana, thus allowing you to pay for the alternative casting cost of 5 different types of Mana when you got Fist of Suns out by tapping any 5 lands.

Bringer of the Black Dawn:

A respectable 5/5 Trampler which can be summoned for just 5 Mana, one of each color which gives you an amazing effect once a turn: Bringer lets you pay 2 Life once per turn to search your deck for ANY one card and put it on top of your Deck. That lets you fetch key cards like Emrakul from your deck and there is a pretty nice side-combo with Beacon of Tomorrows. Beacon gives you an additional turn and is then shuffled into you deck, from where you can search it out again with Bringer’s effect and cast it again to get an infinite turns loop. A viable side-strategy in this deck!

Myojin of Cleansing Fire:

An emergency button against an opponent who has the upper hand Creature-wise. Myojin lets you destroy all Creatures on the battlefield save for itself once. Search via Bringer or Diabolic Tutor when needed.

Blightsteel Colossus:

Your third win condition besides Emrakul and the Bringer-Beacon Combo. Blightsteel Colossus is an 11/11 Tramper that is Indestructable and has Infect for 12 Mana. Cast him for just 5 powered by Fist of Suns and if unblocked, inflict 11 Poison Counters on your opponent if unblocked. Lightning Grieves, which give Colossus Haste, can make things even worse for an unprepared opponent!

Emrakul, the Eons Torn:

Your main win condition as discussed above.

Channel the Suns:

Pay 3G to get one mana of every color. Can win you the game if you drop Birds or Hierarch on turn 1, follow up with Fist of Suns on turn 2 and then play Channel the Suns on turn 3 to power out an Emrakul with Fist of Sun’s ability. You can also use it to summon your Bringer of the Black Dawn cheaply and early on.

Diabolic Tutor:

There are many copies of key cards and one or two of’s so Diabolic Tutor, which lets you search your deck for any 1 card and put it into your hand, can  be very useful in this deck.

Beacon of Tomorrows:

Gives you one additional turn and comboes with Bringer of the Black Dawn as discussed above.

Time Stretch:

Gives you not one but two extra turns for 10 mana in total, but if you have Fist of Suns out you will be able to cast it for just half the cost.

Plague Winds:

If you need to get rid of all opponent Creatures, this is just the silver bullet you’ll need. Cast for cheap through Fist of Suns.

Fist of Suns:

THE key card that makes the rest of the deck work as it is supposed to. As detailed before, Fist of Suns will allow you to cast all your high casting cost Spells such as the 15 mana Emrakul for just 5 mana.

Lightning Grieves:

This works great on Blightsteell Colossus and even more so on Emrakul, allowing you to attack with the Eldrazi overlord the turn he comes into play and then once again as Emrakul gives you an extra turn when you cast him, dishing out a total of none less than 30 damage. Combined with all the awesome abilities of Emrakul, this should be about enough to finish off pretty much any opponent.


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