Wee Magix – A Casual M:tG Deck

Today I rediscovered a Creature from Ravnica block’s Guildpact around which I had built a casual/fun deck quite some while ago when I found two copies of said Creature in the pretty awesome “Golgari vs Izzet” Duel Decks Package, which I am going to review on here sooner or later. But for now, meet the card I am talking about:

Back then, I made a deck running lots of very cheap but efficient Instants and Sorceries of three different colors such as Brainstorm (blue), Lightning Bolt (red) and Giant Growth (green) to make the hard to block (due to Flying) Wee Dragonauts grow huge for launching lethal attacks on the opponent. I decided to revisit that deck which I never actually had assembled and tested, which had always been just sort of a mental exercise in deckbuilding. I gave that old deck idoe of mine a fresh twist as well by adding “Phyrexian Mana” instants to it, Instants which can be cast for free at the mere cost of 2 life. A price that I am willing to pay as I got 20 life to spare after all!

Considering the cheapness of all the cards contained in this deck (except for Birds of Paradise of which I own a playset and the Dual Lands which can be easily replaced by regular Standard Lands) odds are high that I will be building this deck for real some time soon to see how it would fare against my other decks and the decks of my M:tG buddies.

Wee Magix (Casual):


4 x Birds of Paradise (G)

4 x Kiln Fiend (1R)

4 x Wee Dragonauts (1UR)

4 x Gelectrode (1UR)


4 x Brainstorm (U)

4 x Giant Growth (G)

4 x Mutagenic Growth (G)

4 x Lightning Bolt (R)


4 x Gitaxian Probe

4 x Reckless Charge (R)


4 x Wooded Foothills

4 x Volcanic Island

3 x Tundra

3 x Island

3 x Forest

3 x Mountain

My thoughts and comments on the cards:

Birds of Paradise:

This one works on so many levels in this deck. First of all, this is a three-color deck and Bird, providing one mana of any color gives you the needed flexibility in your mana base. Secondly, Bird also is a mana accelerator, allowing you to play your 3 Mana Creatures, the all-important Wee Dragonauts and the useful Gelectrode, on your second turn. In a deck that is all about winning in a rush, this can be very useful indeed. And thirdly, and less obviously, Bird is a Flyer. Now in a deck that runs a total of 12 cards that give a (considerable) attack boost to a Creature, a Bird can be a viable backup plan for getting through loads of damage, empowered by cheap instants such as Giant Growth or the Sorcery Reckless Charge. If your Dragonauts are killed off, you can always boost your Birds to push through the last few points of damage needed to score the win!

Kiln Fiend:

A 1/2 for 2 Mana which gets a whooping +3 Power boost for each instant or sorcery you cast. Now in a deck with 24 one mana Instants and Sorceries, some of which can be played for free even and some which boost a Creatures attack as well, the Fiend can grow tremendously in just one turn. The only problem with this one is that he has neither Trample nor Flying or other evasive abilities so all the damage from him can be prevented by just one puny opponent blocker. Lightning Bolt should be able to handle at least some smaller blockers however.

Wee Dragonauts:

The main guy in this deck. As you can see in the card image above, the Wee ones get +2 Power until end of turn for each Instant or Sorcery you cast. So the same as I said on Kiln Fiend applies to the Dragonauts as well, their size will get out of hand rapidly with all your cheap Instants/Sorceries, with the crucial difference that, unless your opponent has lots of Flyers and/or Creatures with the Reach ability, Wee Dragonauts are hard to block due to being Flyers.


This one is less aggressive than Kiln Fiend or Wee Dragonauts but are have great control and pinpoint Creature removal capabilities, while at the same time posing a threat to the opponent life total as well. Gelectrode can be tapped to deal one damage to target Creature or Player and untaps whenever you cast an Instant or Sorcery. That means whenever you do so, you will be able to use Gelectrode’s ability again to inflict one damage on any target. You can use this to kill of blockers that stand in the way of Dragonauts or Fiend, to get rid of other pesky or bothersome opponent Creatures or to just chip away at the opponent life total direclty. I could imagine that this Creature would come in handy to get the last few points of damage needed for the win through after your opponent managed to get their defenses against your Creatures in place.

Brainstorm & Gitaxian Probe:

Both cards have in common that they will allow you to draw 1 card for one blue mana. Brainstorm is useful for cycling through your deck as it lets you draw the top 3 cards and then makes you put 2 cards from your hand back on your deck. Gitaxian Probe lets you take a look at your opponent’s hand, which I don’t really care for, and lets you then draw 1 card. The real reason why I included Gitaxian Probe in this deck however is that it has an alternative casting cost of paying 2 life instead of one blue mana. A basically free-to-cast Sorcery is simply amazing in a deck with Creatures that grow in Power with every Instant or Sorcery you cast. Also, Brainstorm and Gitaxina Probe allow you to cycle through your deck fast and draw cards you need more consistently.

Giant Growth & Mutagenic Growth:

Well are Instants for one green mana and both have their merit. While Giant Growth gives a +3/+3 Boost to a Creature of your choice, Mutagenic Growth gives a slightly lower boost of +2/+2 but can be cast for free by paying 2 life, just like Gitaxian Probe. When you combine one of those with Wee Dragonauts for example, Wee Dragonauts will attack for 6/7 if you target it at the mere cost of 1 green mana or 2 life.

Reckless Charge:

This one is a Sorcery that gives a Creature +3 Power and Haste for one turn. The Haste bit can be useful under certain circumstances and the Power Boost of +3 is certainly nothing to sneeze at. What makes this especially great is that you can re-use it by paying 2R for its Flashback cost to cast it one more time from your Graveyard. If you have 4 Mana to spare, you can thus, with a single Reckless Charge, power up your Dragonauts to attack for 11 damage! Not a bad deal at all!

Lightning Bolt:

I wanted to run a third free-to-cast Phyrexian Mana card, the Instant that deals 1 damage for the cost of 1 red mana or 2 life (I cannot seem to remember its name at this point), but decided to go for Lightning Bolt instead because I deem that one more flexible, as it can get rid of a 3 Toughness blocker for instance, and I think I will be able to handle the mana cost.



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