Casual Green Weenie (M:tG)

When I noticed that they, quite recently, released a couple of very cost-efficient / powerful green Creatures such as this one…

… I had the idea of building a casual, more or less budget friendly Green Weenie – a green Deck emulating the playing style and flair of the popular White Weenie deck archetype. For those who are not familiar with White Weenie, a deck type that has been a force to be reckoned with since the earliest days of the Magic Trading Card Game: White Weenie focusses on swarming the filed early on with lots of small, cheap but efficient Creatures while boosting all of them with cards like the classic Crusade and supported by cheap Creature, Enchantment and Artifact removal in the form or Swords to Plowshares and Disenchant, usually topping that off with an Armageddon, which destroys all lands in play. Here is my attempt at emulating that particular deck type in green, with lots of cheap but efficient Creatures:

Green Weenie (Casual);


4 x Nettle Sentinel (G)

4 x Jungle Lion (G)

4 x Garruk’s Companion (GG)

4 x Strangleroot Geist (GG)

2 x Kalonian Tusker (GG)

4 x Leatherback Baloth (GGG)


4 x Giant Growth (G)

3 x Mutagenic Growth (G)

4 x Naturalize (1G)


4 x Rancor (G)

4 x Gaea’s Anthem (1GG)


2 x Garruk Wildspeaker


17 x Forest

My comments on the card choices:

Nettle Sentinel:

A 2/2 for one mana. This is White Weenie at its best – well in green! The drawback that this only untaps when you play a green Spell isn’t really that bad as you are constantly going to play green spells.

Jungle Lion:

Green’s answer to the classic White Weenie Savannah Lion. The drawback that it cannot block is negligable as you are much rather going to use the Lion to attack than to defend.

Garruk’s Companion:

As shown above. A 3/2 Trampler for 2 green mana. What more could you ask for?

Strangleroot Geist:

The Geist is a mighty strange Creature. It’s stats are pretty standard at 2/1 for 2 (green) mana, but its abilities make it stand out from other green Creatures. Firstly it has Haste, which is largely a red ability and secondly it reanimates when destroyed the first time, which feels very much black. But not only does it come back once, it comes back even stronger. Its “Undying Ability” respawns the Geist with a +1/+1 Counter on it, meaning you first have a Hasty 2/1 and when that one is destroyed, you will have an even better 3/2 with Haste. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

Kalonian Tusker:

A vanilla 3/3 for just GG. No complaints there!

Leatherback Baloth:

Just look at that one…

Two words: Raw power. This 4/5 vanilla Creature comes at the mere price of 3 Mana and would give good old Ernham Djinn, which I discussed in a recent post, a run for his money!

Giant Growth & Mutagenic Growth:

Both boost the stats of your Creatures, allowing you to either push through more damage (these like the Trampling Garruk’s Companions!) or, maybe to a lesser extent, save your Creatures from being destroyed by, let’s say, direct damage, and both have their advantages. While Giant Growth is more powerful, Mutagenic Growth can be cast for free (well forget about the 2 life penalty as it will hardly matter in this deck’s fast approach to winning) which can be great as you can “tap out” to summon Creatures and still be able to give any of your Creatures a +2/+2 boost!


The green counterpart to white’s classic Disenchant. Does exactly the same thing at the same converted mana cost of 2: Destroy target Artifact or Enchantment. Pretty flexible and should only rarely be a dead card.


A permanent boost of +2 ATK and granting Trample on top of it for 2 Mana is nothing to sneeze at. As a great bonus, Rancor returns to your hand when sent to the graveyard from play. This is great for an enchantment, as usually all Enchantments attached to a Creature are destroyed when the Creature dies.

Gaea’s Anthem vs Overrun:

Well I have to admit that Overrun, granting +3/+3 and Trample to all of your Creatures for one turn at the cost of 2GGG, would probably the better choice for this deck. However, as this deck is not intended to be competitive, I chose to go the flavorful / fun route and decided to run Gaea’s Anthem instead, which costs 3 mana and gives all Creatures a permanent boost of +1/+1, thus emulating the classic Crusade featured in many old-school White Weenie decks in an effort to make this deck worthy of the name “Weenie”!  🙂


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