M:tG – A Mill Deck I cannot afford…

Ahhh, those where the days, when “Mill Decks” when Millstone…

…was a great card worth playing and “Mill Decks” actually ran their namesake card.

I have to admit, I love Mill Decks and alternative win strategies in general – in any card game, not only Magic: the Gathering. After having noticed that there are quite a few quite new cards that have powerful milling effects – effects that send cards from the opponent’s deck to their graveyard directly – so I had to come up with a “Moder Mill” Deck. At least in my mind that is, because getting one of the most potent Mill cards out there, Glimpse the Unthinkable…

…is sadly out of question and quite literally unthinkable for me to buy, as a copy goes for like 20 bucks (USD) these days. Nevertheless, let me show you the Mill Deck I would build for myself if I had the spare cash for the cards I would need for it:

Modern Mill:


4 x Hedron Crab

4 x Archaeomancer

4 x Nemesis of Reason


4 x Visions of Beyond

4 x Psychic Strike


4 x Glimpse the Unthinkable

4 x Breaking/Entering

4 x Mind Funeral

4 x Call to Mind

4 x Traumatize


4 x Jwar Isle Refuge

8 x Island

8 x Swamp

Some Thouhts on my Card Choices:

Hedron Crab is an amazing, cheap mill card that lets you send the top 3 cards from your opponent’s deck to their graveyard whenever you play a land, at no cost whatsoever.

Archaeomancer is in this deck to retrieve your massive milling sorceries such as Glimpse the Unthinkable and Traumatize. Just mill your opponent for 10 with Glimpse, then play Archaeomancer to do it once again. You can also retrieve one of your instants with Archaeomancer. I wanted a way to retrieve my milling non-permanent cards and this one seems to be perfect for the job!

Nemesis of Reason features some amazing artwork by who is probably my favorite M:tG artist, Mark Tedin. Besides that it is a very powerful milling engine which mills no less than  10 cards from your opponent’s deck each time it attacks. It doesn’t even have to deal damage or anything to do this. And just have a look at the awesome card art:

Vision of Beyond is just like an Ancestral Recall you can play 4 copies of in this deck, drawing you 3 cards for just 1 mana (!!!) if any Graveyard has 20 or more cards in it. Now with cards like Traumatize, which sends half of your opponent’s deck to their graveyard, this condition should not be too hard to establish. I am probably going to order a playset of these as they are (still) dirt-cheap and I could see them working splendidly not just in mill-decks.

Psychic Strike lets you counter a Spell and mill 2 cards while doing so. And that for just 3 mana. Pretty nice – 4 copies added!

Glimpse the Unthinkable is probably the best milling card out there. Mills 10 cards for just 2 Mana. That is simply amazing. Probably a good idea to retrieve it and play it all over again many times with Archaeomancer and Call to Mind.

Breaking/Entering is a split card that mills 8 cards for two mana. Almost as good as Glimpse the Unthinkable. Just ignore the other half of the card!

Mind Funeral is another card with a lot of milling potential…

Call to Mind retrieves any Instant or Sorcery from your Graveyard for just 3 Mana. Best used to recycle milling Spells like Glimpse the Unthinkable. Traumatize etc.

Traumatize lets you dump no less than half of your opponent’s deck into their graveyard. This means the sooner you play it the more cards it will be milling.  You best play Traumatize first, then follow up with one or more Glimpse the Unthinkable and/or Breaking, which will pretty much spell game over for an unprepared opponent.



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