Elemental Clash: The Master Set Deck Videos

Hi everyone!

To start this off, I want to share something with you, dear readers that is very dear to me:

My fantasy card Customizable Card Game Elemental Clash.

I have been working on this for over 6 years now and put a lot of hard work, thought and creative energy in the whole project. Please check the game out on http://www.elementalclash.com where you will find visual card spoilers (card image galleries) for all sets released to-date, the game rules of course, written, audio and video reviews and much more. Despite better ratings than TCG behemoths like Yu-Gi-Oh for example on http://www.boardgamegeek.com, the largest tabletop gaming community on the web and countless, very positive reviews I got for the game, Elemental Clash failed three times in a row when trying to raise funds on http://www.kickstarter.com (the largest crowdfuning website worldwide).

However the good news is that, incidentally starting today, you can buy your copy of the ultimate version of Elemental Clash, “Elemental Clash: The Master Set”, on The Game Crafter. If you are interested, please find the game in the TGC shop here.

As I think audiovisual media are a good way to introduce you to the game, I wanted to share four Elemental Clash deck videos I made recently with you. All four decks shown in the videos can be assembled at the same time with just one copy of the “Master Set”, which contains over 300 cards in total and is available over at TGC for just 50 bucks (USD). I would say it is a pretty good deal! Anyways take a look at the cards and decks for yourself:

Part 1: Kallas Boon Salvage Burn

Part 2: Prisma Quickbounce

Part 3: Atanas Merfolk Stone Control

Part 4: Memmnon Recycler

Well that is “Elemental Clash: The Master Set” for you!

I want to mention two things before closing this post:

Firstly, there will be an inexpensive Elemental Clash Mobile App for Android AND iOS very soon for you and everyone else to download and play on your mobile device.

Secondly, I would like to direct your attention to the Elemental Clash Patron Program which I initiated just today. The program gives you the opportunity to donate money to the “Elemental Clash cause” in exchange for amazing and unique rewards such as the once-in-a-liftime chance to design a card (or two depending on how much you actually donate) to be included in the upcoming first expansion, “Legendary Legacy”, which may or may not bear your likeness or the likeness of a friend or loved one. This way you can contribute and shape the present and future of the Elemental Clash project as a whole. You can contact me in case of questions regarding becoming an Elemental Clash Patron at andreas.propst31@gmail.com!


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